The Search For Jock

Unfortunately, Jim Davis died in real life in April of 1981, his character of Jock Ewing was sent to South America by the government to help research some oil exploration there.  He stayed alive on the show, out of sight in South America, for quite a while, communicating by telephone or by mail. Finally, on the day he was scheduled to return to Southfork, Miss Ellie got the horrible telephone call that Jock's helicopter had went down in South America.  This was right in the middle of the annual Ewing barbacue celebrating his return.  JR, Bobby, and Ray left immediately for South America to search.

They found the pilot of the airplane that collided with Jock's helicopter and he told them that it went down in this lake.

After diving for hours straight, Bobby had found something and he emerged with some very bad news.

He had found Jock's necklace deep in the water next to a muddy pit that was impossible to search in.  This is were the helicopter had sunk.

As JR held his daddy's necklace, it became painfully clear that Jock had not survived the crash.

The boys returned to Southfork to tell Miss Ellie the tragic news and return Jock's necklace to her.

Here is JR outside of Southfork the night they returned from South America.  He is again holding the necklace in a special moment as he looks to the heavens.

JR did fall into a state of deep depression after Jock's death.  Jock had been his motivation all of JR's life, and now he was gone.
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what JR thinks he has left.
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Of course JR eventually got on track and focused again.

Here JR walks into his daddy's office for the first time since the crash.

It was hear at the sight of Jock's painting that JR once again became motivated and back to his old self.
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