Jock Ewing's Murder Trial

Here is a mysterious skeleton dug up on Southfork.  Click here to hear Jock's reaction after seeing the bones.

Jock reads the headlines and finds out he has been indicted by Cliff Barnes for the murder of Hutch McKinney.

The original skull was used to recreate Hutch's face for display in open court.  The red bullet hole was meant to inflame the jury.  Hutch worked at Southfork, and Jock found that he was stealing cattle. They got into a big fight at the bar and later again at the ranch the night Hutch was shot.

It did not look good when a witness to the fight was found and testified that Jock had threatened to kill Hutch.  Even worse, Jock's rusty gun had been found buried near the remains.

JR was forced to testify that the gun did in fact belong to his daddy.

High profile criminal defense attorney Scotty Demerest was brought in to defend Jock.  He would also defend Jenna Wade years later.

Click here to find out what Scotty deals in.

Cliff's father, Digger Barnes, nearing death.

Just before he died, Digger Barnes revealed to Miss Ellie that he killed Hutch McKinney, not Jock.  This saved Jock from a near certain jail sentence.  Digger had caught Hutch sleeping with his wife Rebecca and killed him in a fit of rage.  Then, Digger dropped a bombshell by telling Pam that he was not her real father, Hutch was, and that her mother Rebecca had not died, but ran off somewhere and may still be alive today.  Pam later tracked down her mother.  Click here.

Although Jock and Digger had been bitter enemies for many years, here Jock remembers the early days when he and Digger were good friends wildcatting for oil.  Jock was grateful to Digger for saving him from a murder conviction.