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Hiya, following the birth of my son I've become interested in Child Health.

My Child Health interests include:

Useful Links

There appears to be little Internet coverage in the UK for Child Health related issues especially MMR, Lactose and GERD, therefore most of these sites are US based. As I find useful UK sites I will incorporate them.
My Lactose Intolerance Page
Information on Lactose Intolerance, UK products and more links.
My MMR Vaccine Information Page
Information on MMR Vaccine and more links.
My Search Facility
Points to pages within and external to this website.
Child and Youth Health - Home Page
Aussie Searchable Child Health database
OnHealth - Home Page
US Searchable Health database with latest stories, articles and factfiles.
US Paediatric database (PEDBASE) Homepage
Very useful searchable summary information on various Paediatric disorders includes: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GRD) Page.
GERD Information Resource Center
GERD (Reflux) Information Resource Center, sponsored by Astra Merck Inc.
The GERD Word
The International Organization of Reflux Parents web site. Designed to offer support, encouragement and information for parents of children suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux and other motility disorders associated with GERD.
PAGER Association - Links page
US Study looking into whether GERD is Genetic.
The Informed Parent
US Pediatric Medical Center with a series of articles including this one on GERD.
My next door neighbour.

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