-RamChecker ou MemoryChecker: 

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                              usage : client [--ip --dns] default=localhost

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ArgvParser: (are you tired of getopt of GNU ? you should try this !)  download source code (right click-save as)


// ArgvParser/PreDefArgvParser/ArgvParserContainer

// -why ? : main idea :

// Need simple and easy to use command line arguments parsing.

// (Need something better then getopt.h)

// specifics needs:

// Need reusable parsing components.

// Need automatic experiment name generator related to parameters.

// Need automatic usage generator.

// Need easy default values setting.

// Need easy interface to get back arguments values.(getBool('c'),getReal("n_epochs") etc.)

// Need simple automatic coherence parameters checker.

// Need simple argments type setting (int,char,real...).


// Author : Francis Pieraut

// example: SimpleArgvParser.cc and SimpleArgvParserContainer.cc




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