By R. Talsorian


(Information represented as printed in Mekton II pg. 31)

Kargan Miliatary Armor Craft

The most ubiquitous of the many designs from KMA, the P-1121 Mauler was designed as an all-weather interdiction fighter with exceptional versatility.  The P-1124 and P-1125 series also mount 300mm cannon and/or two handed energy blades.  Used by Kargan and Kargan-client states worldwide.

65 tons (130 CP)
Ground MA: 6
Flight MA: 10
MV: -6
Powerplant: Mediumweight
Main Body: Mediumweight (Mediumweight Armor)
Arms (2): Heavy Striker with Mediumweight Armor, claws
Legs (2): Mediumweight with Mediumweight armor, feet
Wing pods (2): Medium Striker with Striker Armor
Head: Medium Striker with Striker Armor
10 points of Fans (2 in each wing pod)
Weapons: 2 autocannons (main body), 1 lasergun (head), one 150mm cannon (handheld)


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