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       Heres a few of the thing i have picked up from my years of experience oooooshoot
im startin ta sound like my dad anyway heres some tips ta help ya out......  

CAMPERS-A person who sits in one spot guardin all the goodies
GUNSLINGER-a person who is in your face pistols a blazin
SNIPER-a person way off in the distance waitin on you ta poke your head out so he can put a bullet right where it dont belong
CLAN-WPT(wolf pack tribe)its like a club sorta..

        Gunslingers- my tip to you is keep movin dont stop to reload and practice aimin on the run.Try to circle your enemy

        Snipers -My personal favorite way of killin.Find a good spot with your back to the wall.And if ya get caught movin from one spot to the other with rifle and run into a gunslinger move backwords away from them while you shot them dont let them get to close.

  If your having trouble keepin up with the other guys never fear this is what you do
1.insert number 1 cd
2.open winfile
3.open C
4.open programs
5.open lucasarts
6.open outlaws
7.open D or whatever your cdrom is
8.open support
9.open mgl
10.there should be 7 files now click and drag each one over to C they should go into your outlaws folder then x out of all that                                                                                                 
11.open your configure outlaws in your start menu
12. it should have mgl  Now i will tell you its a lot faster but you cant see as well as direct draw

                                                              TO THE ZONE