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Joseph Alexander Parks
  • Born: 2-4-1952, Okemah, Oklahoma
  • Married 5-25-1974, Dallas, Texas, to Shari Wheeler
  • Occupation: Partner in Parks Bros. Hardward and Mortuary

    Joseph Alexander Parks
    February 4, 1952 - Okemah, Oklahoma

    Named after great-grandfather and great-uncle.

    Grew up in Okemah and "grew up" in Dallas. Graduated from Southern Methodist
    University, Dallas, 1974 - BBA. Met Shari Wheeler at SMU -- they were married
    May 25, 1974 in Dallas. Shari takes care of kids and works at Parks Brothers
    (Joe failed to mention that she works at the church, the school, and many
    other places).

    Favorite memories:

    * times with the guys in Jerry Davidson's 9166 red Chevy

    * Mother taking kids to every event that ever was

    * Dad taking the family on the "big trip of 9162" in a new 4-hole Buick

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