Amerindian Pictures Painted by Those Who Were There.

Another area of common misconception is the perception of the individual Amerindian. Folks we are NOT all dark skinned. For example Cherokee and Cree could pass for white people and did so during the early 1800's when Jackson conducted the infamous "Trail of Tears." The fact is most people form their conceptions watching movies, usually stocked with Italians, French and Mexican Indians. Yes there are dark skinned Amerindians, but like any other Nation containing varied races, stereotyping is an erroneous habit.

Another popular misconception is that Amerindians can't grow facial hair. This is brought on by the fact that few did for reasons of hygiene. The hair was plucked or singed from the face, arms, legs, and often the head too. Examples of this are shown in the images on this page. If you doubt these facts simply go to your local library and look up the paintings by Catlin, Bodmer, Mckenney & Hall and others. and others of the day. You will see Amerindians with facial hair, wavy hair, and even curly hair. Shown below are examples of these paintings.

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