Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom keepers trundle
On through time they stride
Looking for the rhyme, the answer
Looking without pride
They often sit and ponder
Life's secrets where they're kept,
And often come up empty
For their absence they have wept.

It seems we're always asking
Looking high and low
While all the time the answer lies
Within our own heart's glow.

The answer is for all to see
In faith and hope it's found.
'Tis faith that make us live today
It makes the world go round.

So help your brother next to your,
To your sister, lend a hand
And if we work together
Our faith will heal this land.


The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword?

They say the pen is stronger
Than a sword of finest steel
But when either one is wielded
Life's blood they both may spill.

To gently glide on paper
Or hammer on a man
For either to be wielded
A heart must guide the hand.


Why Did He Create Us?

I did a little work today
I tested even more.
I think it got the best of me,
Tomorrow I'll be sore.
I wish I'd do the best I can
There so much more to be
I wonder for what purpose
The Creator molded me.


Wandering Moth

A moth just flew right by me
I wonder where it's going
I wonder what it thinks about
I wonder where it's been
I wonder if I'm losing
The mind that lives within.


A Visitor Comes

I saw a ghost today
Consent I would to you.
I really saw him sitting there
I tell you 'tis the true.

He told me many things
I daren't write them down
And when I said "I don't believe,"
He festered as with crown.

He gazed upon my fire
And drew a stick from there
And while I sat there staring
He whacked me on the hair.

He asked, "Do you believe me now?"
I said, "Without a doubt."
He said, "You'd better hear me now,
Or again I'll give a clout."

So in the twilight zone I sat
And listened to him well
Although I'd like to write it down
I swore I wouldn't tell.

He told me many secrets
Gave purpose for my life
Of how to help my people
And rid them of their strife.
And so I pray Grandfather
Thanks to you I give
For dying for my people
For teaching us to live.


I think if I were to be
A teacher of a scribe
I'd feel a little better
About living out this life.

It seems that the Creator
Has placed a hunger here
For wisdom and for knowledge
For holding it so dear.


False Knowledge

They teach the big bang theory
But the teaching cannot stand
They say all things must have beginning
God didn't make the land.

For by their own stern judgment
Their theory cannot be
For where'd the first rock come from
Where did we get our trees?

They've built a square-wheeled system
The thing just doesn't roll
For where'd the first star come from
When did time get its hold?

The Creator's systems complex
I've no doubt this is true
But when we listen to Him
We see it, me and you.

Creator, He did make all things
Reflections of His mind
He made all things in living circles
With wisdom's, so divine

Creator spoke a power word
Left nothing set ajar
All things were put in place by Him
That's how we got our star.

So stop and look up heavenward
Remember this is true
The stars are not an accident
His son he gave for you.


Judgment in 50 cal.

I have been here for days now,
It's hot, more so>

Transfer interrupted!

R> Last night it rained
I thought it was the finger of God reaching down to quelch the heat
but the only things that touched me were leaches.
It was raining fuck'n leaches, that and
streams of water that drained the canopy like piss from a cow,
yep, hell was pissing on me and roasting me too.
Now it's fire ants... Shit!
Like a gargoyle I wait,

The creature is coming out.
Like some great werm
but only a little, this is his lair.
He stops and smells his roses
not Gods, but his.
Fertilized with a million youths addictions
addictions fed by him
paid for in blood.
Only blood will do.

This time it will be different.
This time I am the predator
he the prey.
Like the stone that forms my heart I wait

Now I move,
I feel the thirsty earth moving silently beneath my body
for it moves, not I, or so it seems.
She is crying out for blood,
for justice.

The prey is unaware,
still raping the roses of their fragrance.
He'll never know
I move
time doesn't.

Now through the tube I gaze.
Like the finger of apocalypse
The red dot pulses
like a mans heart it beats
settling on his.

My breath is still,
calm before the storm.
My finger squeezes
Lightning as if from the eyes of God reaches out
The book of judgement is shut.
Case closed!
The sentence is born.
With a jolt of labor pain it bursts forth.
The desire of the hungry wolf fills it's soul.

No soft judge.
No appeal.
No death row.
Just judgement,
Finality in .50 cal.

Life giving sunlight
glinting off the round.
A living thing that sniffs out his heart.
I won't miss.
It won't miss.
Some of my soul it carries,
we are one.

One shot.
One kill.
That is the law
engraved in living stone.
The stone God makes hearts from.
The eleventh commandment.

I think we'll see a movie tonight,
maybe get a pizza.
The kids like pizza.


This is College

I came to learn
to understand
this is college

The history is wrong
Philosophy is bullshit
Math, irrelevent,
this is college

"Education" she cries
and by God, a well rounded one.
Her Phd. is the authority
this is college

The Greeks gave the world geometry?
Bull! but the Phd. says so
It, therefor must be true
this is college

It's not about learning
or even understanding
It's hoops and hurtles
this is college.


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