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Lowrider Magazine Feature

Northern Exposure with lovely Letty Martinez

Northern Exposure was featured in Lowrider Magazine May 1996

During the '96 San Francisco Lowrider show, a couple of guys judging the cars really
noticed my ryde.  They notified Elliot Gilbert, a staff photographer for Lowrider Magazine.
Elliot then asked me if I would let him set up a photo session for the very next day...
I couldn't refuse, would you? I didn't think so.

These pictures were taken the day after the show in front of a garlic stand in the city of Gilroy, California. Northern Exposure was featured in Lowrider Magazine May 1996, and was also included in Lowrider Magazine's calendar for 1997.

We almost caused a few accidents along the road where we were shooting the pics!
Wouldn't your eyes stray from the road if you saw lovely Letty Martinez posing in a skin tight dress?!