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Date Map Name Mode Rate Author Comment
11/04/00 GITIT-MR.ZIP ?   -.- * Maik Rockstar I did that map when I was about 16. Now I'm 19.
10/02/00 VOLCANO-ML.ZIP S   -.- Can't Rate My Own Maps. Marc Levesque This is what you should expect from my last and new episode. Deep volcano which shelter a Evil Temple in the middle earth.
9/24/00 PRISON-MT.ZIP S,B,C   6.2 Shade is crappy. Frames rates are low. Martin Tornqvist A prison has been taken over by hell spawned monsters, and you must escape!
9/24/00 TINY-CU.ZIP S   7.5 Really original but too small. Cure Small town under attack by giant Caleb!
9/18/00 EPIPHANY-DA.ZIP S   8.0 Huges spaces but still have good aspect. Dwayne Anderson This is a 2 level mini episode that chronicles the final battle in the hall of the epiphany.
9/4/00 FORTRESS-DA.ZIP S   7.5 Tiles are repetitive. Sounds are great. Dwayne Anderson Mid sized level that takes place in a hidden fort.
9/4/00 FCASTLE-DA.ZIP S   6.7 Weird places. Shade is crappy. Dwayne Anderson A huge castle in the sky. One wrong move and you'll fall to your death.
08/31/00 BTP-DA.ZIP S   7.0 Shade is ok. Sounds are good. Dwayne Anderson Journey back to December 16, 1773 to stop the cabal who are trying to change history.
08/31/00 ICE-DA.ZIP S   7.5 Cool sectors. Shade of the sky is too dark. Dwayne Anderson Fight through a large ice cavern atop an Alaskan mountain.
08/29/00 CITY-DA.ZIP S   7.3 Huge empty areas Dwayne Anderson This is a part of Caleb's home city that the cabal have invaded.
08/29/00 WWII-DA.ZIP S   6.8 Shades are crappy. Sounds are repetitive. Dwayne Anderson You are a soldier fighting undead monsters that have invaded the military archives.
08/28/00 DCITEDEL-TR.ZIP S   7.3 Too much of depth cueing. Big and boring areas. TREKS This is the dark(literally!)cabal catheral where you must battle the cabal.
08/28/00 CASTLE-TR.ZIP S   8.2 Well done map. Tiles are a little boring. TREKS See text in zip file.
08/17/00 TURKEY-T.ZIP S   -.- This map didnt work at all. TAYFUN TUNA (UPDATED)That's the map of the Eskisehir ( a city in Turkey ).
07/17/00 TITANIC-T.ZIP S   5.8 Graphic aspect not so good. Huge underwater empty sectors.(Tour Map) TAYFUN TUNA Game will start in your special submarine ,then you will go down to visit Titanic . Just for sightseeing , not for figthing.
07/17/00 EVIL-T.ZIP S   7.2 Shades are crappy. Sounds are ok. TAYFUN TUNA That's the map of the Eskisehir ( a city in Turkey )
07/13/00 HELLCITY-T.ZIP S   7.0 Shades are not so good. Windows arent gibbable TAYFUN TUNA This time my city is bigger , better .
07/12/00 ROOFTOP-T.ZIP S   6.5 Lots of explosions. Shades are crappy TAYFUN TUNA There is only one enemy but don't underestimate it .. :))
07/05/00 TMBCRYPT-PS.ZIP S,C,B   7.4 Sounds are great. Bug due to bad stacking(2 Maps + Pics) Paul*Screwnail This took me a really long time to make it a nice tomb/crypt level.
05/30/00 EPIPHANY2-SC.ZIP S   9.0 Great single map!! Bloody German Boy A new Version of bloods last-action-map "Hall Of The Epiphany.
05/27/00 MAPS-ML.ZIP S   -.- Can't rate my own map can I. Marc Levesque 7 big to average size maps with a lot of monsters and action.
04/10/00 SUPERD-RV.ZIP B   6.1 Lots of gibbable. Fire blocks players. Ross Vincent A must See Wild Outdoor level.
04/05/00 HOME-KB.ZIP B   4.8 No sounds. Tiles are really crappy. Kevin Bertrand It`s my very home, and it was hard to build!-Updated Map
04/05/00 THEHOLE-CL.ZIP B   5.0 No shades and sounds. Not enough ammo. Orcprobe1 Medium sized bloodbath map.
03/14/00 PUPU-TL.ZIP B   7.8 Cool lights effects. Shades are great. Tuomas Cool!Cool!
03/03/00 SUFFER.ZIP S,B,C   4.3 Big empty spaces. Some gibbable but not enough. Chicken An old mansion full of secrets, you'll have fun trust me.
02/29/00 CANYON-ST.ZIP S,B,C   5.2 Shades are crappy. Tough single map. Sandy T. My very first map, made with cooperative play in mind....
02/05/00 BBARENA.ZIP B   3.0 No shades and sounds. Boring bludbath. Chicken A medium sized arena sort of like the football field.
11/09/99 GHOSTMINE.ZIP S   6.8 Shades are good. Objects are not gibbable. JOJO You have to fight your way through a ghost mine.
10/19/99 SNIPERS-KB.ZIP S,B   3.8 Shades are crappy. Monsters don't attack. Kevin Bertrand Tshernobog dropped you in a warzone.
09/11/99 BRAINDED.ZIP S   7.9 Sounds are good. Shades too. Sub-Zero666 A cemetary,a tomb,and a hedge maze (sorta).
09/10/99 BURGER.ZIP S,C,B   7.8 Shades are ok. Lots of gibbable corpses. Cure Very cool mappy, they say...
08/18/99 KEYQUEST.ZIP S   4.6 Passages are too slims. Some gibbable objects. MJP no info submitted.
08/10/99 HARD2.ZIP ?   4.2 Lots of TNT barrels and delirious mushrooms. No shades. DuĊĦan Habina no info submitted.
08/05/99 HGCBB001.ZIP ?   3.6 Always the same tiles. No sounds. George Campbell no info submitted
07/29/99 RAGE.ZIP S,B,C   8.5 Good aspect. Tough map. Priest This mountain pass is called -Swallow's Nest-. Welcome !
07/24/99 JSWTKIL.ZIP B   6.7 Too big for a bludbath. No sounds. Orcprobe1 Small to Medium sized bloodbath map.
07/24/99 BLOODRUN.ZIP B   8.2 Looks great. Fire does not hurt player. Gary McLean This is sort of a -king-of-the-hill- level.
07/24/99 SUPER.ZIP B   3.2 No shades and sounds. Tiles are boring. Priest A hard bloodbath map, where the best player will ALWAYS win.
07/24/99 TACTIC.ZIP B   9.0 Good shades effects. Could be a challenging bludbath. Priest A detailed map for bloodbath with great light effects.
07/24/99 FOG.ZIP B   7.7 Shades are ok. Fire does not make sounds. Priest A small but interesting bloodbath map.
07/24/99 1-FACTORY.ZIP B   8.7 Good bludbath. Some bugs due to upper-lower stack. Priest An awesome bloodbath map, very interesting and graphicaly detailed.
06/30/99 CHORROR.ZIP S   8.3 Lots of Caleb SFX. Shades are great. Joao Goncalves An huge and disgusting path down to the chamber of horrors.
06/30/99 WOODS.ZIP B   7.8 Sounds are great. Shades are ok. Orcseer A rumble in woods in the winter.
06/30/99 WINSTORM.ZIP B   8.1 Shades are great. Good light effects. Orcseer Small Boodbath map with several areas for battle.
06/25/99 CRYPT.ZIP S   6.3 Sounds are ok. Shades are crappy. No gibbable objects. Matt Chapman (Conserve your ammo, The only ammo is at the beginning and off dead bodies.).
06/15/99 AWATER2.ZIP B   7.1 Frames rate aren't so good. Sounds are great. Redbat A LARGISH BLOOD BATH LEVEL WITH LOTS OF HIDING PLACES.
06/06/99 JENJEN.ZIP S   3.3 Switch can't be pushed. No shades. Original doors sounds. Jim Livingston Caleb must find his way through the crazy mansion.
05/26/99 NGHTR001.ZIP B   6.7 Sounds are ok. Could be a challenging bludbath. Nightrider It's a medium sized bloodbath level.
05/04/99 GOTCHA.ZIP ?   6.0 Too big for a bludbath. Shades are ok. Oliver Damasch Please mail us how you like this maps. EMAIL
05/04/99 OVERLOCK.ZIP ?   5.4 Shades are crappy. Too many passages for a bludbath. Jan Voehringer Please mail us how you like this maps. EMAIL
05/04/99 CONFEDRAL2.ZIP S,C   6.7 Large empty sectors. Good flickering. Robert Bauer This is a new and vastly improved version of
05/04/99 TOWERMOD.ZIP B   9.0 Same as the bludbath Tower from Monolith. Orcprobe1 Modified -tower- bloodbath map.
(P)05/04/99 TEGAL.ZIP S,C,B   7.6 Shades are good. Graphic aspect looks good too! Orcprobe1 Large sized single/co-op/bloodbath map.
02/19/99 NUCLE2.ZIP ?   4.2 Tiles are boring. No sounds. PJWigg ?
02/11/99 THEHOUSE.ZIP ?   7.1 Shades are ok. Swinging doors are buggy. Wiggfam ?
02/04/99 BASEMENT.ZIP B   5.4 Sprites of water bubbles are blocking. No sounds. Karen Savela Small BloodBath, Very Nice! MUST HAVE!! Lots of action..
02/02/99 THETRAP4.ZIP B   8.0 Good special effect. Shades are ok. Massicre11 This map takes place in a huge arena.
02/02/99 BATTLE66.ZIP B   9.0 Looks like Twin Fortress but modified a lot. Massicre11 A better re-make of bb6 twin fortresses.I completely re-made.
02/02/99 DA-STAR.ZIP B   3.6 Sounds are ok. No shades. Simon Streum Its built like a star. Very cool with 8 Players!
02/02/99 MROOM2.ZIP S,C,B   4.5 Some flickering. Shades are crappy. Simon Streum Its a converted Duke Map of a friend (Felix WeiB).
02/02/99 TRAPPED.ZIP S   9.0 Shades are great. Looks great too! Anden Af Anti Keep those eyes open, cause there will be traps .
02/02/99 JBLOOD.ZIP B   4.5 Sprites are buggy. Sounds are ok. James Bottom This is meant to be a small jail scene with many vertical levels .
2/02/99 JACKISTN.ZIP B   2.3 No shades. Doors wont open. Shannon Savela GREAT MAP TO BB,GOOD SIZED.
2/02/99 QUAKE8.ZIP B   6.2 No sounds. Shades are ok. SHannon Savela Quake like level, Small bloodbath Extreme kills.
01/26/99 MAP07.ZIP B   6.8 Shades are ok. Could be a challenging bludbath. Pagb666 Bloodbath level, an adaptation from Doom2 .
01/26/99 NICKOS3.ZIP u/k   2.0 No shades and sounds. Too small. u/k u/k
01/26/99 MINE.ZIP B   6.7 Objects arent gibbable. Shades are ok. Jo Jo This is based on the premise of an exercise facility .
1/20/99 PHEIL3.ZIP B   3.5 Boring bludbath. No shades. Simon Streum A great Bloodbath Map..
01/18/99 HEDGES.ZIP B   4.1 Frames rate is bad. No sounds. James Bottom This map was made specifically as a bloodmatch map for more than 2 players.
01/12/99 THETRAP.ZIP S,B   3.2 Tiles are boring. No shades. Massicre11 An extremely fast level, for many kills..
01/12/99 NOPROXIA.ZIP B   9.0 The classic Twin Fortress but with some additions. Arch Angel Used the best blood bath map BB6 Designed by -SHADE-.
01/12/99 FLESH.ZIP B   8.7 Cool effects. Shades and sounds are great. pagb666 Bloodbath level, loaded with meat and blood.
01/12/99 WEREHOUSE.ZIP S,C,B   6.1 Shades are crappy. Sounds are ok. Orcseer A rumble in a warehouse setting.
12/28/98 DAHOMA.ZIP B   3.2 Really tough map, no shades or sounds. DaKilla Mulitplayer!
12/28/98 DAKILLA.ZIP B   2.1 Boring tiles. Graphic aspect sucks. DaKilla Multiplayer and Dakilla's house
12/15/98 QUADS.ZIP B   4.3 No shades. Lots of rooms with windows to see the opponents. Orcprobe1 Medium sized bloodbath map.
12/14/98 SNOWTRAPS.ZIP B   x.x Can't Rate My Own Map!. Elmo A medium bludbath with a lot of action.
12/07/98 _ROCKET.ZIP B   7.8 Pretty good aspect. Shades and sounds are great. Antonio S A very wide open space a nice look, real fun A number one.
12/06/98 NEWCULT.ZIP S   7.8 Good shades and sounds. Some gibbable objects. Robert Bauer This map was originally released as CultHQ-Updated-
12/05/98 GYM_TEMPLE.ZIP S   6.8 (Contains 2 maps) Huge empty spaces. Shades and sounds are ok. RASH Temple is a small map of a temple that is difficult to pass. Gym is a good muti player map.
11/26/98 PACMAN.ZIP B,CTF   5.8 Small bludbath. Shades are ok. Jeff Morris Bloodbath/CTF arena based around PacMan.
11/26/98 GAMBIT.ZIP B,CTF   8.7 Sahdes are great. Good technique. Jeff Morris Bloodbath/CTF arena.
11/21/98 STATION.ZIP S   7.3 Lot of flickering effect. Sounds and shades are good. RASH A big map of a jail and a train station that you are trying to stop the train. pretty hard to pass too.
11/15/98 DTHPASS.ZIP B   6.0 Shades are ok. Windows arent gibbable. Orcseer A rumble in a canyon pass.
11/07/98 STAR.ZIP B   2.0 Shades are crappy. Boring map. jojo KILL ALL PLAYERS ON A STAR.
11/03/98 BLDARENA.ZIP B   4.9 No shades. Graphic aspect is good. Dac99 Spinnoff of a duke3d map but edited for blood..
10/27/98 ASHES.ZIP B   4.5 No sounds. Lots of proximity detonators. Orcprobe1 Small bloodbath map converted from a Duke Nukem 3d Dukematch.
10/26/98 TRINFORT.ZIP B   3.3 Sprites are buggy(they appear and disappear). Very small bludbath. Joe McClellan Two sides, sorta like spy vs. spy.
10/23/98 PARENA.ZIP B   3.5 Lots of TNT barrels. No shades and sounds. Psychothe1 Fight in Psycho's arena training camp.
10/23/98 PSFUNK.ZIP B   4.3 No sounds. Large empty sectors. Psychothe1 Fight in the funky land of Psycholand.
10/23/98 PSYHOUSE.ZIP B   4.5 Big empty area. No shades. Psychothe1 Fight in the bloody pit of Psycho's home
(P)10/23/98 ZFACTORY.ZIP B   5.1 Shades are crappy. Mirrors buggy. Orcprobe1 Small to Medium map. First one I've tried as a Single play type.
10/23/98 CANYONR.ZIP B   4.7 Shades are ok, sounds are ho hum. Orcseer A rumble in a canyon setting.
09/28/98 PYRAMIDT.ZIP B   1.0 This map bug when you start it(bug when constructing the map in mapedit). JoJo no comment added
09/23/98 JOJO.ZIP S   5.6 Dead bodies are gibbable. Shades are ok. JoJo ??????????????
09/22/98 MAZE.ZIP S,B   3.5 Boring map, the ambiant sound is too repetitive. RASH THIS MAP IS A GOOD BLOOD BATH AND A GREAT SINGLE PLAYER MAP
08/28/98 CANYON.ZIP B   2.8 Large open area. No sounds. Anden Af Anti This is a map for those who like Jedi Knights
08/28/98 PAIN.ZIP B   8.5 Great bludbath. Shades and sounds are good. Anden Af Anti This is a fast one.
08/24/98 SCHOOL2.ZIP S   5.1 Lots of innocents. No shades. RASH A pretty good size map about my school with lots of enemies and it is pretty hard to finish.
08/21/98 RODENTMAPV1.1.ZIP S,C   7.8 (Contain 2 maps). Good techniques and graphic aspect. Rogue Rodent/Mister.X Insanely good levels, by one human and his rodent friend
08/19/98 BLOODPAK2.ZIP ?   6.0 (Contain 5 maps). E1m1 and e1m3 with some differences plus 3 boring maps. Rich Smith This episode will be complete in a month so i will send more levels
08/19/98 E1M1-A.ZIP ?   9.0 The same as the first map of Blood. Rich Smith No Comment Added
08/12/98 RODENTMAPS.ZIP ?   7.6 Great aspect. The ending switch isnt easy to find. Rogue Rodent-Mister.X Insanely good levels, by two humans
08/10/98 ULTBB2.ZIP ?   3.5 No shades, aspect is not so good. Charlie Sico Each person has a side
07/31/98 SPRAYCANS.ZIP ?   3.5 Shades are ok. Passages are too small. Grand Moff Ogre A Bloodbath-map in which the players are limited to use the spraycan and the pitchfork
07/31/98 MELTDOWN.ZIP ?   8.6 The first 3 maps of episode 1 of Duke Nukem 3d plus a small bludbath. Good shades and playability. Jeff Morris The Hottest Free 2-Level Add-on For Blood!
07/31/98 JELTSIN.ZIP B   2.1 Lots of innocents and proximity bomb. No shades and sounds. Grand Moff Ogre My first released map , mostly BloodBath, this map MUST be played with monsters in Bloodbath the room with all the good stuff in it is the altar of Dionysus .
07/29/98 HOUSE-WS.ZIP S   3.1 Shades are crappy. Tiles are the same on the wall and ceiling. Weston Sorensen A small map of my house and a little of my nebiors. and my first complet map.
07/28/98 2BORNOT.ZIP B,S,C   9.0 Copy of a monolith bludbath but with some additions and in single mode. Rogue Rodent-Mister.X Hugely challenging, epic level in 2 halves,designed to be at the end of an entire episode.
(P)07/28/98 UNDEAD.ZIP ?   9.0 The first 3 maps of the episode 1 from monolith with some differences. The first 3 maps of the episode 1 from monolith with some differences. Sloth+Kozmyck Checken Plasma Map Pak
07/25/98 UNDER.ZIP B,S   5.5 Sounds are good, shades too. Doors and fire make no sounds. Mark Lieskamp Its a map with windows in a fantasy world
07/21/98 _SHOTGUN.ZIP B,CTF   8.0 Challenging bludbath with lots of rooms and columns to hide and seek. Antonio Schaefer You start in all diffrent places on Bbath, very well made and tex are nice, Fun level a must download.
07/21/98 ISLEHOP2.ZIP B   5.6 This map needs depth, cueing, and shades. Orcprobe1 Second in a series of island and water maps.
07/19/98 ULTBB.ZIP B   3.5 Large open area. Graphic aspect is crappy but it can be a challenging bludbath. Charlie Sico Each person has a side.
07/16/98 SHADOWS1.ZIP B   6.3 Not enough open area. Some good flickering and sounds. Orcseer(Tracy D Rann) SMALL MAP W/ 3 ROOMS, HALLWAYS, DUCTS, AND ONE OUTDOOR AREA.
07/16/98 GIVETES.ZIP B   7.3 Lots of explosions. Great aspect. Sounds are cool. Antonio Schaefer The this is you can play Blood bath and have alot of fun.
07/16/98 ZUNE2M.ZIP B   7.6 Have lot of spots to hide or attack your oppponents. Good flickering and design. Dapumkins Nice little BB map I play w/ my friends, it's fun as hell.
07/14/98 VALLEY-1.ZIP B   5.0 No shades and sounds. Lots of explosions. Orcprobe1 Mid sized Bloodbath level w/ some masked walls, water, traps and doors
07/14/98 THEZONE.ZIP ?   7.2 Lots of place to hide for the opponents. Shades and sounds are great. ? ?
07/14/98 TOWER.ZIP B   9.0 A classic bludbath very well done. Desmond Shepherd A highly detailed tower, full of voices of victims
07/14/98 TEAMBASE.ZIP ?   5.0 Shades are ok, sounds are good. Really tough map. ? ?
07/14/98 SCHOOL.ZIP B   6.2 Aspect not so good. Shades and sounds are ok. Jonas Weideback You and your friends are gibbing each other in a haunted school.
07/14/98 RUINS.ZIP B   5.5 No shades and sounds. Too big for a bludbath. Orcseer(Tracy D Rann) SEVERAL OUTSIDE AREAS WITH RUINS IN THEM
07/14/98 RELIC1.ZIP B   8.6 Adaptation of the Catacombs from Monolith in a bludbath with some differences. Anden Af Anti One of my favorites from blood.
07/14/98 MONKSGYM.ZIP S,C,B   8.0 Great single map. Some cool special effect. Dead bodies arent gibbable. Mirrors are buggy. Iron.den This is based on the premise of an exercise facility
07/14/98 MDOOM.ZIP B   4.8 Cool FX. Sectors are closed and does not communicate with others. Jonas Weideback It's an average Bloodbath map
07/14/98 ISLEHOP1.ZIP B   4.5 No shades and sounds. Distance between isles is too big so it takes too much time to travel isle to isle in the water. Orcprobe1 ?
07/14/98 HUPS.ZIP B   5.0 Caleb SFX are repetitive. Some graphic bugs due to sector over sector. Not so good of bludbath. ? ?
07/14/98 EMBRACED.ZIP S   7.0 Shades are ok. Have some gib objects. Disposition of the keys and doors locked with keys aren't well done. Black Jester A good level with plenty secrets
07/14/98 DTHKEEP.ZIP B   4.5 No door sounds so its more difficult to find the opponents. Orcseer (Tracy D Rann) ?
07/14/98 DEATH PIT.ZIP B   5.5 No shades and sounds. The areas are open so its really easy to kill opponents unless he fall in the deep pit. LoWang1503 blood bath
07/14/98 DARKNESS.ZIP B   4.3 No sounds. Lots of explosions but still a boring bludbath. Tracy D Rann SEVERAL ROOMS WITH PLENTY OF HIDDEN PLACES FILLED WITH DEATH
07/14/98 BODIS666.ZIP B   8.4 The Shades are great. This bludbath will surely suits to a lot of people. Pedro Arturo Gomez Blanco Another level from my Bodies series
07/14/98 ARENA1.ZIP B   7.2 This Has good shades and sounds. Great bludbath. Tas A level based on the UltraZone arena that we play Laser-tag in.
07/14/98 2SIDES.ZIP B   2.5 No shades, graphic aspect sucks, too small. Phreek Boi Bloodbath game; good for 2 player
07/12/98 STATION.ZIP C,S,B   7.6 Fire dont make sounds. Doors are too slim. Huge spaces with nothing in it. James Donaldson Caleb battles the Cabal in Miskantonic Train
07/12/98 GON2.ZIP S   5.2 Really tough map. Some flickering. Not enough ammo. CHINAMANZ I think it is a pretty cool map to check out in my opinion.
05/17/98 CAFEDRAL.ZIP C,S   6.4 Large empty spaces/sectors. Some good flickering. Doesnt have a so great aspect. Sounds are ok. A little boring.. Robert Bauer Go through the cathedral
05/15/98 NORUNING.ZIP ?   3.8 Some sector bugs (Caleb is shaking). Shades are very boring. Alan Copeland
05/15/98 CLICK.ZIP ?   8.3 All sectors commmunicate with others; make more action in bludbath. Cool 
shades. The same level than Click by monolith. Nick Williams Three Bloodbath Maps, based on CLICK
05/07/98 RIPPED.ZIP ?   7.5 Some interesting FX. Looks great but doesnt have enough shades. Anden Af Anti This is my idea of a really fair bloodbath.
05/07/98 COOL!.ZIP ?   6.5 Shades are crappy. Sounds are ok, but they dont fade( the brown circle isnt quite big). The little fog make a good atmosphere. Oliver Baer A huge map with a lot! of monsters, forest, dungeon, tempel, underwater areas
05/07/98 PYRAMID2.ZIP S,C,B   7.1 Doesnt have a theme, but still a good bludbath. Shades and sounds are ok. Anden Af Anti Good sight and revealing sounds makes this map smaller than it looks like.
05/07/98 DEAD.ZIP C,S   8.4 Shades are cool, grapic aspect too. It have depth cueing. Sounds are ok, but some fire make no sounds.... CuRe Searching for a way to ressurect one of the chosen you find your self within the depths of the Kalitha mines.
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