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Sheep This is a very interesting and amusing little creature. Referred to as POO, he is sure to bring a laugh! File size is 116KB, zipped. This little orange is quite amusing. It walks around on your screen, performing various tasks. More amusing to open several at the same time. File size is 66.6KB, zipped. This is a cute mouse stalker, Neko is amusing as he chases your mouse around the Desktop. Comes with configuration files. File is 163KB, zipped.
Sony's PlayStation Crash Bandicoot crash.exe This is a cool Screen Mate of Sony's Play Station character Crash BandiCoot. You can manipulate him to dance, spin, walk around your screen, ect. Very Entertaining! File size is 980,909 bytes. This is a really cool screen mate. The Club Chick walks around your screen, sits on windows, and for the most part the men like her 'cause she is such a babe'. For more details see the Code Hammer site for more information. File size is 776KB, in a self extracting file. These are very funny creatures. Kamakazie Kat & DeathWish Dog. Created by Code Hammer, you know they are great!
new.gifgrinch.exe This is by far, my favorite.  From the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas staring Jim Carrey.  This is a very "life" like and very amusing screen mate.  A must have!  Created by Code HammerFile size is 378 KB.
new.gifgranny.exe If you havn't seen Nutty Professor II, you will still get a crack up from this screen mate.  Created by Code HammerFile size 237 KB.
new.gifdino.exe Who Let the Dogs Out?  This is a very cute screen mate, taken from The Flinstones in Rock Vegas.  Check it out.  Created by Code Hammer.  File size is 301 KB.
new.gifpuppy.exe This screenmate is kinda cool.  It's a puppy that runs around the screen.  Created by Code Hammer.  File size is 212 KB
new.gifrockhard.exe This screen mate is boring.  However it does have sound that plays.  Created by Code Hammer.  File size is 340 KB.
new.gif elves.exe
These Screen Mates are awesome!  If you download and run both at the same time, they interact with each other.  A must see!  Created by Code Hammer.  File sizes are 124 KB & 134 KB.
new.gifturkey.exe This one is a cool Thanksgiving screen mate.  My favorite part is setting it on fire!  Very amusing.  Created by Code Hammer.  File size is 158 KB.
new.gifbrucelee.exe This one is pretty boring, but then Im not a man, who is easily amused.  Created by Code Hammer.  File size is 244 KB.
new.gifguitarwillie.exe This screen mate is boring as well.  Created by Code Hammer.  File size is 352 KB.

More Screen Mates to come. In the meantime check out the Message Mates site by Code Hammer. These download able files are worth it!!

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