Merriam, from (de) Meryham

Kent and possibly East Sussex (15th Century or earlier) -> Massachusetts (1638-1716) -> Connecticut (1716-1820's) -> Ohio (1820's-1870s) -> Michigan

My 11th Great Grandfather and his brothers immigrated to the new world on the Castle of London landing at the Port of Charleston, Massachusetts Bay Colony, and settled in Lynn, Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Information largely from Sue Thompson and/or the Merriam Family Tree webhub (formerly Merriam Family Papers), Thank you!
Please do not confuse with the Merriman's, an Oxfordshire family which settled in Wallingford, CT, same place my 9GG moved to, especially given the common spelling error's in names in old records. made more complicated in that both lines have a Captain named Nathaniel in the families.
The below excerpt was posted on the old Merriam Family Papers website with an apparent original attributation to Chapter 8 of The Life of Levi Parsons Merriam by John F.P. Merriam, 1982:
The earliest known record of anyone bearing the name Merriam or Meryham, as it was spelt, occurs in the Kentish Lay Subsidy roles for 12 95, which show that Laurence de Meryham was taxed for an estate known as Isenhurst about a mile and 1/2 north-west of Heathfield in East Sussex, but it has not been possible to trace the family tree as far back as this. Other Merriams were assesed for taxes in the fourteenth century at Waldron, south-west of Heathfield and at Goudhurst and Boughton Monchelsea in County of Kent . Goudhurst is not more than fifteen miles from Isenhurst, and Boughton a further eight towards Maidstone.

However, going back to the original subsidy role (which can be viewed at the BHO site here) shows a few differences from the above record-
A) It was 1296, not 1295
B) It was [East] Sussex, not Kent, and
C) He (listed as "Laur' de Meryham") was one of 20 individuals assessed at "Isenherst", so he didn't own the estate as the above implies. Specifically he was assessed 6s/8¼d at "Villata de Isenherst" in the "Hundr' de Thylle" of the "Rapus de Peuenese" (=The rape of Pevensey, a rape being a feudal era subdivision of a shire consisting of a group of hundreds). His total is the 4th largest of the 20 names listed under Isenherst (the 20 total £4/6/7, individually ranging from 11s/11¼d down to a Shilling and a farthing {1s/0¼d}).
Two other interesting records I turned up at searching at BHO include-
-In the Feet of Fines for Sussex, entry 1717 dating to 3 Edward II (1330/1 I believe) reads "John de Meryham and Isabel his wife (by William de Berewyk) v. Robert Whitbred of Sutton by Sefford; 2 messuages, 34 acres 1 rood of land, 30 acres of heath in Sutton and Walderne; to John and Isabel and heirs of their bodies to hold of Robert and his heirs by payment of 100s. yearly during life of Robert and by render of a rose at Midsummer after his death, with contingent reversion to Robert and his heirs. (File 53. No. 28.)"[1]
-a Deed (C.4523) dated The feast of St. George, 32 Henry VI (which I believe would mean April 23 1453/4) has a John Meryham co-granting rights to a piece of land called Calbrayne in the parish of Lynton. It is possible that John is 'of Lodyngton in the Parish of Maydeston' (It is unclear if that is meant to refer to just the other co-grantor or to both of them).[2]
My 17th Great Grandfather, ? Meryham

My 16th Great Grandfather, William Merriam
Died 1478 in Boughton Monchealsea, Kent Co., England. Married ? Benedict or Benedicta ?.
MFT has that he was born in King Twp., New York, USA, obviously that can't be.

Reference: William (as William Meryham) is individual I502 in tree JB002 at Merriam Family Tree

My 15th Great Grandfather, Stephen Merriam
Died 1507 in Goudhurst, County of Kent, England. Married Julianne ?.
MFT has that 'Stephan Meryham' was born 1467 in Goudhurst, England and died 1506.

Reference: 'Stephan Meryham' is individual I501 in tree JB002 at Merriam Family Tree

My 14th Great Grandfather, Richard Merriam
Died 1548 in Goudhurst, County of Kent, England.
MFT says Richard Meryham was born 1486 in West Burnefield Hundred, England

Reference: Richard (as Richard Meryham) is individual I500 in tree JB002 at Merriam Family Tree

My 13th Great Grandfather, William Merriam
Died 1565 in Goudhurst, County of Kent, England. Married Alyce ?.

Reference: William (as William Meryham) is individual I499 in tree JB002 at Merriam Family Tree

My 12th Great Grandfather, William Merriam
Buried 23 Sep. 1635 in Hadlow, Kent, England. Married about 1580 in England to Sarah ? (likely either Pyper/Piper or Burges/Burgess)
Between the two tree's at MFT it is given that he was born in 11 May 1564 in Tudeley, Kent, says marriage was Abt. 1580, and a death date of Nov. 27th, 1635 in Hadlow, Kent but giving the burial date of 23 Sep. 1635 (so he would of been buried 2 months and 4 days before he died - the two tree's don't line up).
In addition to Hadlow, he and Sara owned land in Tudeley, Sevenoaks, Goudhurst, & Yalding, all in Kent.
The 1590 will of James Burgess of Tudeley in England mentions a William Merriam, presuambly the same individual.

Reference: William is individual I1 in both tree JB001 and tree JB002 at Merriam Family Tree

My 11th Great Grandfather, Joseph Merriam
Probaly born circa 1600 in Kent, England. Died (see below) in Concord, Mass.. Married about 1623 to Sarah Goldstone.
Records of death date varry: 1 Jan. 1641, 11 Jan 1640, or 1 Nov. 1642.
Emigrated from Kent, along with his brothers Robert and George, onboard the Castle of London, arriving in the new world July 1638.
Resided in Concord, Massachusetts Bay Colony, being made a freeman of the colony 14 March 1639.

Reference: Joseph is individual I6 in tree JB001 and I291 in Tree JB002 at Merriam Family Tree

My 10th Great Grandfather, William Merriam
Born circa 1625 or 1624 in Twedley, Kent, England. died 1689 in Concord, Massachusetts. Buried 22 May 1689. Married 1st in Lynn, Massachusetts. to Elisabeth/Elizabeth Breed. Married 2nd Oct. 11th, 1676 to Anna Jones, she died 29 July 1677. Married 3rd Sarah ? (died sometime after 1689).
Merriam Family Tree's info has that his birth was in Tudley, Kent circa 1628, and that his death was in Lynn, MA.
Resided in Concord & Lynn, owning 220 or more acres in Lynn and also owned land in Hampton, N.H.. On 2 May 1649 he was made a freeman of the colony.
He was a Trooper in King Philip's War. On 29 Feb 1675/6 he enroled in Capt. George Curwin's company, recieving 4₤ 10s for his service.
His estate was valued at ₤316 17s (₤280 10s of which was "Housing and land") with another ₤22 10s owed to him at the time of his death.
Savage's Register lists him as two different individuals- William Merriam of Concord who married Sarah and a William 'Mirriam' of Lyn who married Elizabeth & Ann Jones.

Reference: William is individual I14 in tree JB001 and I646 in Tree JB002 at Merriam Family Tree

My 9th Great Grandfather, John Merriam
Born 25 April 1671 in Lynn, Massachusetts bay Colony. died 11 Oct. 1754. Married 23 May 1694 Rebbeca Marshall Sharp.
A Farmer & Teacher in Lynn, Massachusetts.
In 1713 he was employed to teach a grammer school, "and ₤10 'allowed' for his services, besides the sum of '2 pence per week for such as are taught to read, 3 pence per week for them that are sent to write and cipher, and 6 pence per wk. for them that are sent to learn Latin, to be paid by the parents and masters that send their children or servants as aforesaid'". On 25 Aug. 1716 he sold his land in Lynn, which was between that of his brothers Joseph and William and on 3 Nov 1716 he bought 300 acres from John Prout for ₤305 in Wallingford, moving to Wallingford (which later became part of Meriden).

Reference: John is individual I115 in tree JB001 at Merriam Family Tree

My 8th Great Grandfather, William Merriam
Born 9 April 1700 in Lynn, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Died 4 Oct. 1751 in Meriden, CT. Married 24 March 1726/7 at Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut to Ruth Hart.
Resided in Meriden, Connecticut Colony. Left an estate appraised at at ₤6,203:11:6.
One source says died in Wallingford, New Haven, CT.

Reference: William is individual I178 in tree JB001 at Merriam Family Tree

My 7th Great Grandfather, William Merriam
Born 12 Feb 1728/9 at Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut. Died 19 Sept. 1791 at Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut. Married 1st 29 May 1751 to Phebe Ives, she died 23 Feb. 1753. Married 2nd 24 Sep. 1755 to Mary Austin.
Resided in Meriden (then part of Wallingford), Connecticut Colony.

Reference: William is individual I248 in tree JB001 at Merriam Family Tree

My 6th Great Grandfather, Amasa Merriam
Born 27 Sep. 1757 in Wallingford/Meriden, Connecticut Colony. Married 1st April 1783 to Margery Royce (previously listed incorrectly as Margaret Rice). Married 2nd 1 Oct. 1809 to Hannah Douglas. Died 7 Oct. 1840.
Resided in Meriden, Connecticut.
Nine Children:

Reference: Amasa is individual I321 in tree JB001 at Merriam Family Tree

My 5th Great Grandfather, Stephan Rice Merriam
Born 25 May 1784 in Meriden, Conneticut, USA. Died 10 Jan. 1873 in Norton, Ohio. Married 1st at New Hartford, Connecticut 20 April 1812 to Polly Clark, she died May 1817. Married 2nd 10 Sep. 1817 to Belinda Neal. Married 3rd at Meriden, Conneticut 31 Jun 1836 to Eunice Tibbals, she died 13 Feb. 1849. Married 4th Hannah O'Neil.
Living in Cheshire, New Haven Co., CT in the 1820 census.
On the 1830, 1840, & 1850 Census's in Coventry, Summit Co., Ohio (1850 specifically in Dist #140).
A Teacher, student of medicine, and Farmer in Coventry, Ohio.
1860 & 1870 census has them in Norton Twp., Summit Co., Ohio.
various spellings of names on the 1850, 1860, & 1870 census': Surnames given as Morrison, Marrian, Marriam.
Apparently named for his mother's brother, who died young.
Twelve Children:

My 4th Great Grandfather, William Rice Merriam
Born 4 March 1821 in Morgan, Ohio, USA (see below). Died 3 June 1877 in Olmstead, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Buried in Butternut Ridge Cem., Olmstead, Cuyahoga Co., OH. Married 1st in 1843 to Margaret Ann "Mertie" Hume/Humes. Married 2nd in 1864 at Richmond, Pennsylvania to Florence Willis.
A carpenter & builder
Best guess is that birthplace of "Morgan, OH" refers to Morgan Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio though there are other Morgan, OH's.
The story is that he met his future wife while working at her families saw mill (presumably the Gravel Run mill - see the Humes page).
Sue found them in the 1850 Census in Venagno Twp., Crawford Co., Pennsylvania (family #1788, lines 6-10, pages 366 or 236 or 738 (M432-771 pg 366 ancestry index) in a badly written entry as the "Wellin Marcum" family including Margret and children- "Clarscy", Stephen, & Jered.
Further, she found them in the 1860 Census in Bloomfield Twp., Crawford Co., Penn. (page 84, according to Sue) and on the 1870 Census he and Florence are in Olmstead, Cuyahoga Co., OH, (Coe Ridge post office, page 524)
Three to Six Children, all with first wife:
My 3rd Great Grandmother, Clarissia "Clara" Angelina Merriam
Born 23 Dec. 1844 in Hancock/Woodcock (see below), Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Died 30/1 March 1930 in the house of Lyman Root. Burial in Gresham Cemetery. Married 10 April 1865 in Dover Township, Cuyahoga Co., OH to George Geoffrey Root.
Pioneer of Chester Township, Eaton Co., Michigan.
Some source's spell middle name Angelline, which is also her listed given name on the 1860 census record.
Original info relayed by Sue from a family member was that she was born in Hancock, Crawford Co., PA, but neither of us have found any evidence of such a place (there is a Hancock in Berks Co. clear on the other side of the state) and we both suspect it is actually either Woodcock or Woodcock Twp. in Crawford Co. (the area where her mother's side of the family was from).
7 Children: Census indicates 5 more youngsters but Beulah Root (nee Boyd) didn't believe that was correct "no way".
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