One day in the deep dark earth below fairyland, the Goblin King summoned forth one of his favorite servants. She arrived, as always, with her dragonfly wings buzzing, flying in a crazy, zig-zagging pattern with her golden hair flying in all directions. After tracing an impossible pattern in the air, one last zag landed her in front of the ugly little king. He was always impressed at how well she managed to curtsey while wearing a strait jacket.
    "How would you like to be freed from my service?" the King asked her.
    "Quickly and easily," she replied.
    The Goblin King sighed. "Let me try again," he said. "Would you like to be freed from my service?"
    Spindizzy blinked her mismatched eyes at him a few times and then nodded repeatedly. "Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, I would like that. I would like that more than anything, I think."
    The Goblin King smiled his frog-like smile at her antics and she quickly stopped her nodding (though her hair still bobbed "yes"). "That is," she said, "If you want me to want to be freed from your service, sir."

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