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  • The Episode Guides Page!

    Great resource of episodeguides and lists for hundreds of shows. Authors: Dennis Kytasaari, Goerge Fergus, John Lavalie, and many others.


    Lots of episodeguides from various others.

  • Zap 2 It (formerly Ultimate TV)

    Excellent address for everything concerning TV: news, links, listings, descriptions, ... nearly everything!

  • TV Comedy's section on TV Comedy. Great catalog with tons of links concerning everything about comedy on TV. Links are commented.

  • Sitcoms Online

    Great overview about sitcom resources on the net, lots of links.

  • Internet Movie Database

    Best source to get hold of technical data (credits, ...) on movies, shows, actors, producers et al.


    Not a TV related site but out of courtesy ... counters and guestbook on these pages are provided by offers many tools and possibilities to enhance a homepage.

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