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Final Statement, 24 Nov 2003

Dear Readers,

Online since 1995, my lists and guides for television shows have always been read and used by hundreds if not thousands of people across the world. But due to my limited time and my long stays abroad it is no longer in my power to provide updates for these works.

Therefore as of now the lsguides-Project is officially dead.

The project however will stay online and I will continue to maintain the site itself, but don't expect any updates or even new material.

Of course, you can still contact me if you find errors or have questions etc. but be aware that I also discontinue to follow the developments (industry, schedule, series themselves); therefore I won't be able to answer any question you might have. (Also, since I'm probably away for some time I will answer e-mails only occasionly - so expect a long response time!)

It has been a tremendous project and time and your response to this - especially all those highly encouraging comments - have always been a pleasure for me; I hope to maybe continue somewhere down the road where I leave off now.

Thank you all.


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