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From where can I get copies of the guides? Which formats are available?

All my guides and lists can be found on my homepage.( The Episodelists & -Guides of LS are divided into two sections, the German and English language section.

The English Guides are all available in HTML-format and plain-text format.

Some of my guides are also attached to various fanpages. Note that it lies within the maintainer's duties to provide the newest version.

How often are the guides updated ?

There will be no more updates. See also the Final Statement.

I always get the Denial page when viewing certain pages

Fortunecity refuses to show non-HTML pages when linked from another site to prevent data warehousing. The only way to view those pages is via the designated link. Unfortunately, cookies must be enabled, too.

Example: A file internal.htm links to a file data.txt:
internal.htm -> data.txt |<- external.htm
Now, you can't access data.txt directly or via an link from outside Fortunecity. You must go to internal.htm (plus have cookies enabled) and use the link provided there.

In my case, this means you can't directly access all the plain-text versions (everything else should be no problem). To do that simply start here and go where you intended to go. Remember, cookies must be enabled!


The mailinglist is no longer active.

I have a question. Can you help me?

Always worth a try. But don't expect any positive answer to current (2002 and after) stuff. Before asking also please take a look on the links page - you may find your answer there.

Please don't ask about copying episodes. I will not do that.

See also the Final Statement.

Do you have any episodes on tape? Can you copy me some episodes?

Don't ask - I will not and can not copy any episodes, alone because of copyright reasons.

Can you add a link to my address on your link-list?

I don't maintain a great link list, just a few links to major sites which may also answer some questions of the 'Where can I find ...'-category.

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