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Emmy  Predictions
Tory's La Lucci And Love Soaps Emmy Predictions!

Lets Have A Little Fun With This. You Choose The Winners And You Will Win Your Own Emmy Award For Your Web Site! All Entries Must Be In Prior To Friday's Emmy Broadcast On Television! The One With The Most Correct Emmy Predictions Will Take Home Our Emmy!

********Please Email Us With Your Answers To [email protected]
Thanks! And Good Luck!

For  A  List  Of  The  Nominees, Click  Here!

Please  Fill  Out  This  Form, And  E-mail  It  To  The  Above  E-Mail  Address:

My  Name:
My  E-Mail:
I'm  From:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For    A  Daytime  Drama:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For  A  Directing  Team:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For  A  Lead  Actor:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For  A  Lead  Actress:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For  A  Supporting  Actor:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For  A  Supporting  Actress:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For  A  Younger  Actor:
My  Emmy  Prediction  For  A  Younger  Actress: