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The  Grand  Entrance
Come  Back  Soon  For  Part  2!!!

The  29th  Annual  Daytime  Emmy  Awards  were  held  on  May  19th, 2002, at  Theater  at  Madison  Square  Garden  in  New  York  City - and  was  broadcast  in  on  the  CBS  Television  network.

Unlike  previous  years, the  stars  launched  at  the  same  place  as  the  ceremony  was  held. They  arrived  in  a  royal-like  entrance  on  red  carpet, where  fans  were  awaiting  them. As  the  whether  was  threatening  to  wet  the  glamouros  stars, some  at-home  fans  were  unable  to  watch  the  ceremony  on  TV. SoapNet, a  special  network, just  for  soaps, aired  the  edited  ceremony  the  following  night.

Making  the  first  soapy  royal  appearance  was  THE  YOUNG  AND  THE  RESTLESS'  Heather  Tom (Victoria) with  her  bau. She  was  soon  followed  by  many  fellow  stars - both  from  in  front  and  behind  the  cameras.

Y&R's  Melody  Thomas  Scott (Nikki) made  a  grand  entrance, shwoing  her  gown - only  to  change  to  an  American  flag  gown  later! (Stay  Tuned  For  These  Priceless  Pictures!)

For  ALL  MY  CHILDREN's  Susan  Lucci (Erica), coming  back  to  Madison  Square  Garden  was  a  real  homecoming - she  won  her  Outstanding  Lead  Actress  award  there  back  in  1999!

GENERAL  HOSPITAL's  John  Ingle (Edward) and  his  wife  looked  very  elegant:

Hi, there! Last  year's  Outstanding  Lead  Actor, ALL  MY  CHILDREN's  David  Canary (Adam), was  accompanied  by  his  wife  to  this  year's  awards:

And  here  is  David's  co-star, Eden  Riegel (Bianca), excited  to  be  nominated  for  Outstanding  Supporting  Actress!

GH's  Jacob  Young  got  Lucky  as  he  won  the  Outstanding  Younger  Actor  award, and  had  his  girlfriend  there  to  cheer!

Smile  for  the  cameras!

Jacob's  former  on-screen  wife (ex-Rick), THE  BOLD  AND  THE  BEAUTIFUL's  Adrienne  Frantz (Amber) won  the  Outstanding  Younger  Actress  award  last  year, and  was  getting  ready  to  present  the  Lead  Actress  award  with  Rick's  current  portrayer, Younger  Actor  nominee  and  last  year's  winner, Just  Torkildsen.

Adrienne  was  all  smiles  on  Friday!

Outstanding  Lead  Actor  winner, THE  YOUNG  AND  THE  RESTLESS'  Peter  Bergman (Jack), walked  down  the  red  carpet  with  his  two  leading  ladies, Susan  Walters (Diane, left) and  Michelle  Stafford (Phyllis).

AS  THE  WORLD  TUNRS'  Jon  Hensley (Holden, middle) was  more  excited  about  his  wife, mother  of  his  children  and  co-star  Kelley  Minighan  Hensley's (Emily) snomination  than  he  was  about  his  own  last  year! Here  they  are  with  mutual  co-star, Outstanding  Supporting  Actor  nominee  Benjamin  Hendrickson (Hal):

After  21  years  of  portraying  Josh  on  GUIDING  LIGHT, Robert  Newman  was  finally  nominated  for  a  Lead  Actor  award. He  brought  wife  Britt  Helfer (ex-Lily, LOVING)  along  for  support.

B&B's  Jennifer  Finnigan (Bridget) and  her  date:

DAYS  OF  OUR  LIVES'  Alison  Sweeny (Sami) took  a  moment  to  be  interviewed  by  Soap  City.

Supporting  Actor  Nominee  PORT  CHARLES'  Brian  Presley (Jack) proposed  to  co-star  Erin  Hershey (Alison) during  the  latest  Super  Soap  Weekend, held  in  California. They  made  sure  to  find  some  cuddle-time  during  Emmy  night.

Newlyweds  Tyler  Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GH) and  Eva  Longoria (Isabella, Y&R) looked  very  happy:

ATWT's  Terri  Colombino (Katie) came  to  support  her  on-screen  hubby, Paul  Leyden (Simon), who  was  nominated  for  Supporting  Actor.

Finola  Hughes  was  nominated  this  year  in  the  Lead  Actress  category  for  her  portrayal  of  Anna, a  role  she  won  an  Emmy  for  in  1991, during  her  time  on  GH. After  winning  this  year's  award, Susan  Flannery (Stephanie, B&B) said  she  was  sure  Finola  would  be  the  winner  this  year  too.