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The  Ceremony
The  first  award  to  be  given  was  the  Supporting  Actor  award, presented  by  THE  YOUNG  AND  THE  RESTLESS'  leading  lady, Melody  Thomas  Scott (Nikki), who  surprised  the  audience  with  her  America-flag-gown!

Supporting  Actor  Nominee - Josh  Duhamel (Leo):


Fellow  nominee  and  AMC  co-star, Cameron  Mathison (Ryan):


Fellow  nominee, AS  THE  WORLD  TURNS'  Paul  Leyden (Simon):


Melody  announced  the  winner  to  be  Josh!!

Congratulations!!!  The  audience  applaudes!

Josh's  co-stars  were  thrilled  with  his  win! Here  are  front-raw  cheerleaders, Lead  Actress  nominees  AMC's  Finola  Hughes (Anna, left) and  Susan  Lucci (Erica):

Josh  was  so  excited  about  winning, that  instead  of  going  to  the  stage  to  accept  his  award  and  make  his  speech, he  first  ran  to  the  opposite  direction, to  his  mom, who  was  awaiting  him  with  open  arms  in  the  rear  of  the  theater. Josh  was  really  happy  to  win  the  award, and  said  he's  glad  to  finally  win  something  when  in  contest  with  Cameron, as  the  latter  always  wins  in  their  weekly  golf  contests! Josh's  excitement  was  especially  big  about  recieving  the  award  from  Melody, as  he  grew  up  watching  Y&R  with  his  mom! The  excitement  of  the  moment  was  shown, as  tears  streamed  down  his  face.

Cameron (middle), laughing  at  Josh's  joke:

Accepting  the  Emmy:

AMC's  creator, Agnes  Nixon (left, back, with  glasses) looked  on  proudly:

Next, GENERAL  HOSPITAL's  Robin  Christopher (Skye) and  Ingo  Radematcher (Jax) presented  the  Supporting  Actress  award:

Supporting  Actress  Nominees - GUIDING  LIGHT's  Crystal  Chappell (Olivia, back, left) and  Beth  Ehlers (Harley, front, in  red  dress):

Fellow  nominee - and  Robin's  former  on-screen  sister - AMC's  Kelly  Ripa (Hayley) sat  between  her  on-  and  off-screen  husband, Supporting  Actor  nominee  Mark  Consuelos (Mateo) and  LIVE! WITH  REGIS & KELLY  co-host, Regis  Philbin. Kelly  was  also  nominated  with  Regis  for  their  work  on  LIVE:

Fellow  Supporting  Actress  nominee, AS  THE  WORLD  TURNS'  Kelley  Minighan  Hensley (Emily) sat  next  to  her  biggest  fan, husband  and  co-star  Jon  Hensley (Holden):
(By  the  way, if  you  look  closely  behind  Kelley, you'll  recognize  Anne  Sierre, who  plays  Mitzi)


Supporting  Actress  nominee, ATWT's  Maura  West's (Carly) clip:

And  here  is  the  actress  herself, right  before  Kelley  and  co-star  Kristina  Sisco, who  was  nominated  for  Younger  Actress  for  her  role  as  Abigail:


Maura  turns  to  the  camera:

And  the  winner  is - Crystal!!

Accepting  the  award:


Crystal's  husband, soap  vet  Michael  Sabatino (ex-Vince, GL; ex-Peter, ATWT; ex-Phillip, SUNSET  BEACH; ex-Dr.  Kinder, AMC; ex-Anthony, THE  BOLD  AND  THE  BEAUTIFUL; ex-Lawrence, DAYS  OF  OUR  LIVES) looked  on  proudly:

ATWT's  Napiera  Danielle  Groves (Bonnie) and  Paul  Taylor (Isaac) presented  the  Younger  Actor  award:

Nominee  Jesse  McCartney (ex-Jr., AMC):

PORT  CHARLES'  real-life  engaged  couple, Younger  actor  nominee  Brian  Presley (Jack) and  Erin  Hershey (Alison):

Nominee  Justin  Torkildsen's  scenes  as  THE  BOLD  AND  THE  BEAUTIFUL's  Rick, with  Adrienne  Frantz  as  Amber:

Having  fun  watching  were  B&B's  Jennifer  Finnigan (Bridget, front), Justin (middle), his  fiancee  and  Adrienne (back):


Another  one  having  fun  in  the  audience  was  nominee  Jordi  Vilasuso (Tony, GL):


And  the  winner  is  Jacob! Congratulations!!!
The  winner  gets  a  hug  from  fellow  nominee  Brian:

On  the  way  to  accept  his  Emmy  award...

Jacob's  former  on-screen  stepmom, Lead  Actress  nominee  Susan  Flannery (Stephanie, B&B; he  used  to  play  Rick) stood  up  to  cheer  him  up:

Jacob, giving  his  acceptance  speech:

Jacob's  girlfriend  was  excited  at  his  win:


Jacob's  on-screen  dad, Anthony  Geary "Luked"  On:

And  here  is  Jacob  again  with  his  Emmy, making  his  acceptance  speech:

Lead  Actor  nominee, Y&R's  Peter  Bergman (Jack), was  accompanied  by  his  two  leading  ladies, Michelle  Stafford (Phyllis, left) and  Susan  Walters (Diane) to  present  the  Young  Lead  Actress  award:

A  clip  of  nominee  Jennifer  Finnigan  from  her  work  as  THE  BOLD  AND  THE  BEAUTIFUL's  Bridget  with  Sean  Kanan  as  Deacon:

Jennifer (right, front) was  sitting  next  to  her  mom. Behind  her  was  on-screen  brother  and  fellow  nominee  Justin  Torkildsen (Rick) with  his  fiancee:


Fellow  nominee, Jessica  Jimenez (left, front), who  was  nominated  for  her  GL  role  as  Catalina:


GL's  Lindsey  McKeon  had  only  been  on   the  show  for  2  month, after  replacing  Laura  Bell  Bundy  as  Marah, when  she  received  her  Younger  Actress  nomination:


AMC's  Younger  Actress  nominee  Eden  Riegel (Bianca) smiled  to  the  camera:

Another  smilin'  face  was  one  of  fellow  nominee  Kristina  Sisco, who  was  nominated  for  her  ATWT  role  as  Abigail:

Back  to  the  presenters! And  the  winner  is...

Jennifer  Finnigan! Congratulations!!!

On  her  way  to  accepting  her  Emmy:

Her  soap's (and  sister-soap  Y&R's) creator, William  J. Bell  was  thrilled!

A  congrats  kiss  and  hug  from  on-screen  stepmom  Susan  Flannery (Stephanie):

Emotional  moment - accepting  the  award:

The  proud  mom:

Outstanding  Lead  Actress  nominee  Susan  Lucci (AMC's  Erica) came  on  stage  to  announce  the  Outstanding  Lead  Actror  Emmy  Award:

Nominee  Peter  Bergman's (Y&R's  Jack) clip:
After  winning, Peter  told  Soap  Central, "I  don't  think  long  or  short  [clip]  matters. You  have  to  be  able  to  touch  people. It  sounds  quite  humorous, but  I  had  a  tape  with  well  crafted  words  that  [let]  me  let  people  in."

And  the  winner  is...  Peter!

Peter  gets  a  congrats  kiss  from  his  loving  wife, Mariellen:

Applauding  in  the  audience  were  Peter's  leading  lady  Michelle  Stafford (Phyllis, right) and  co-star  Denice  Duff (Amanda):

Receiving  the  award  from  Susan:

Former  co-stars  Susan  and  Peter  on  stage - he  used  to  portray  Cliff  on  AMC:

Michelle, smiling  at  Peter:
Behind  her  are  Melody (Nikki) and  husband  Ed  Scott (Y&R's  former  Executive  Producer):

Accepting  the  award:

Peter's  wife, proud  in  the  audience (front, right). Next  to  her  is  B&B's  Susan  Flannery (Stephanie). Behind  her, from  right  to  left, are  Denice  Duff (Y&R's  Amanda) and  Y&R / B&B  creators  William  J. Bell  and  Lee  Phillip  Bell:

Acceptance  speech:

Proud, happy  audience:


B&B's  Adrienne  Frantz (Amber) and  Justin  Torkildsen (Rick) came  out  to  present  the  Outstanding  Lead  Actress  Award:

Nominee  Susan  Lucci's (Erica, AMC) clip:

Nominee  Susan  Flannery's (Stephanie, B&B) Clip:

And  the  winner  is: Susan!!!

But  which  one?

Susan  Lucci  had  just  went  off  stage, after  presenting  the  Lead  Actor  award  to  Peter...

and  was  sure  the  winner's  last  name  was  Flannery...

But  was  told  she  was  the  name  announced  was  Lucci!

Hearing  the  AMC  theme  playing...

La  Lucci  came  back  to  the  stage...

Only  to  see  the  real  winner  was  Susan  Flannery!

Susan  Flannery  gave  a  big  hug  to  co-star  Adrienne  when  she  came  to  the stage:

And  to  co-star  Justin:

Receiving  the  award  from  Adrienne:


To  sign  the  petition  to  give  Susan  Lucci  a  public  apology, click  here!

Susan  Flannery  pointed  at  B&B's (and  Y&R's) creators, William  J.  Bell  and  Lee  Phillip  Bell:


She  was  sure  AMC's  Finola  Hughes (Anna) will  go  home  with  the  award:


Susan's  friends, and  former  B&B  co-stars, Joanna  Johnson (ex-Caroline / Karen) and  Ian  Buchanan (ex-James, who  starred  opposite  to  Finola's  Anna  on  GH  as  Duke) were  happy  with  her  win:

The  presenters  were  very  happy  with  the  results:

Susan, excepting  her  award: