Gotta Sticking Key, Or Broken Pedal?

Check out the following links (there are drawings in them, so they make take a few seconds to load. (Scroll down the page for other Music Links).

sticking keys
piano pedals
piano styles
retrieving stuff from grands
retrieving stuff from verticals
fix a wobbling bench
You Can Tune Your Own PianoYou Can Repair And Regulate Your Own PianoLearn Professional Piano Tuninginstruction books

Music Sites

Here's my personal list of some more or less interesting music sites on the internet, some piano related, some not (these links are listed as a service to my visitors. Their presence here does not necessarily imply my endorsement of that site or its products...except for the first link, Perfessor Bill's Ragtime music, which I hardily endorse).

Listen to some great RAGTIME midi piano playing.
Speaking of RAGTIME: Click here for all the raggy links you could possibly want.
Attend a Scott Joplin festival, buy CDs, get music.
 WOW! Free piano sheet music and stuff.
All things Jazz
Need a music teacher? Find one here.
Tons of music downloads from MP3.
Napster. Still alive and sharing music.
Find all the classical music you could want here.
Teach yourself to play piano with a mail order course??
Like Steinways? Take a tour of their factory.
Piano Jokes? Why not?
Just to be fair...more music jokes.
Learn to play piano on-line?
Appraise your piano, buy piano accessories.
No pianos, but some fun old-time fidding midis.
Buy concert tickets on-line around the US


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