This is just a small site that covers some of the historical background of a writers colony that was once located at 1838 East 7th Street (that's it up there) in Long Beach, California (the port city that is part of the port of Los Angeles)(so far as we know, this is the only writers colony that was ever in Long Beach). Everyone has long since moved on with Chris Schaefer ultimately earning the title of being both the first and last Anarchovillage resident, having been the first to live there and the last to leave. And, sadly, there have been several casualties over the years: short story writer John Staib (apartment #8) died of a heart attack there, Sam Konkin passed away in early 2004 (apartment #3), and Steve MacIntosh and John Strang (both former residents of the only house on the property) are now gone as well.

But of the original group (and affiliated writers, i.e., writers who have personal ties to the writers there and who have stayed at the Anarchovillage as guests at various times or were closely part of the Anarchovillage social circles), there have been stacks of awards and nearly a hundred books and quite a number of produced screenplays as a result. Or another way of looking at it is, by sheer volume, the total number of books (not including produced screenplays) created by the Anarchovillage and affiliated writers exceeds the total output of the entire group of Lost Generation writers in Paris (Hemingway, Miller, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Stein) although they haven't had as much of an impact . . . yet. But the awards, and the books, keep coming, and this is one site that will try to keep some record of where it all began, and also provide links to the various writers's and individuals's webpages who were all once part of or associated with the Anarchovillage.

Currently known Anarchovillage (and Anarchovillage-affiliated) webpages include:


J. Neil Schulman

Victor Koman

Steve's Page

Charles Curley

Andy Thornton

Samuel Edward Konkin III

Chris Schaefer

John Staib

J. Kent Hastings

A group shot of the writers (from Loscon 2003) going
from left to right: Brad Linaweaver, John de Chancie,
Steve (your humble web designer and resident screen-
writer/producer), Victor Koman, J. Neil Schulman and
Heinlein Journal editor (and official Heinlein biographer)
Bill Patterson*.


Brad Linaweaver

John DeChancie

Bill Patterson*

Nicholas Yermakov**

Steve and Brad hanging out with fantasy master,
Ray Bradbury, on the set of his latest play.


Sandy and Sean MacIntosh (who you can reach via their shared website here), and Ernie Sewell all go here (all former residents not only of the original Anarchovillage, but also current/former residents of Anarchovillage Two up in Torrance as well). Teny Rule Fisher also belongs here (and you can visit her at both of her websites, one at the Unity Church in Cookeville, Tennessee, where she is now an Assistant Minister, and the other being the website for her store, The Artist's Muse, which is in the process of transforming from a store into a workshop and gallery). Bernie Zuber and former bookstore owner Richard Kyle are also deserving of mention, but neither appears to have webpages at this time (once they do, they'll be added here). And last but not least is Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Dana actually deserves credit for "discovering" the Anarchovillage - he and Chris Schaefer were driving around in Long Beach looking for a place for Chris to rent when Dana spotted the "For Rent" sign at 1838 East 7th Street, which led to Chris becoming the first Anarcho occupant and eventual manager. Dana's official Congressional page is located here.

*Bill also collaborated with former Anarchovillage resident Andy Thornton on the first full-length analysis of one of Heinlein's works, The Martian Named Smith: Critical Perspectives on Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.

**Nick (who you might know better as prolific writer, Simon Hawke) was actually involved with the Anarchovillage crowd prior to there being an Anarchovillage per se. He shared a place with Andy Thornton back in New York City and, once everyone moved to L.A., continued to drop by the Anarchovillage and/or had Andy and other Anarchovillage residents dropping by his place as well (Nick's other pseudonyms include S.L. Hunter and J.D. Masters). He's now teaching writing at a college back east.

Webpage designer/programmer: Steve.