Steve's Home Page


Just a little home page with links to the various pages associated with me and my work (which used to be mainly as a screenwriter, but which has recently been straying more and more into film producing).

As for the pictures you see over here to the right, the top one is me hanging out with Dana from BEVERLY HILLS 90210, and the next one is me with Cheryl, my favorite Pet of the Year (who also owns a ton of clubs in L.A., and who has appeared in a couple of my films, written a few others with me, etc.)(we go way back). The top picture is more recent, however (I cut off the beard a while back).

As for the two pictures below, if you're a science fiction fan, you already know what they are, but for those of you who don't, that's Robbie the Robot (from FORBIDDEN PLANET) on the left, and the Robot from LOST IN SPACE and an Ape from the PLANET OF THE APES on the right, with an older shot of me in front of a wall of skulls in Mexico right in the middle.

As for the links graphic to the left, clicking on it will take you to a complete list of links of pages on this website as well as list of other links that I find interesting. And as for the links below the filmstrip page divider (right under this paragraph), I admit that those duplicate some of the stuff on my links page, but that's because I thought these webpages were a little more important than some of the others. So just click on any of the photos/pictures below to go to the associated webpage(s) which include my screenwriting resume, my game designing resume, a link to a fellow writer's webpage, an on-line videogames page, a pictures page, a sci fi writing page, and a general sci fi page.

Just me at my gigantic desk (above) back when I was in Brentwood (and still wearing a beard and literally living right across the alley from Roger Corman's film company), hacking away at some script or another. As for the pictures of the actresses on the left, click there if you want to see my on-line screenwriting resume.

The two book covers above (the two on the left) are from my most recently published novels. Click on either one to go to their respective home pages. The third cover to the right of them (the green one) is the cover for the final installment of DEMON KILLER in WHITE WOLF MAGAZINE, where it was serialized for over a year and a half (a lot of installments). Click on that to see a full size cover or to read the first chapter of the novel. As for the videogame box cover directly to the right (Electronic Arts/Interplay's BATTLE CHESS, for which I wrote the manual), click on that if you want to see my on-line videogame designing/manual writing resume.

That's just me in the black leather jacket, clowning around with fellow writer Brad Linaweaver, who has his own webpage you can reach by just clicking on his name or on the picture.

Click on the Battlezone screen shot to the left if you want to play some on-line videogames.

Click on the starship Enterprise over there on the right if you want to go to my sf/fantasy/horror writing links page (resources of useful pages for us writers).

Click on the other shot of the starship Enterprise if you want to go to my general science fiction page (links of interest to readers of science fiction, fantasy and horror).

I also like to listen to music in the background sometimes when I surf the web, so if you care to do the same, just click on the radio above and you'll be whisked away to my "radio" page which has links to a variety of on-line radio stations.

And click on the mail skull to the left if you need to contact me for any reason.