THE FOLLOWING CHARTS are currently available:

-17° to -90° Declination

Charts 305 - 473

Select the chart you are interested in by using one of these indexes:


BY CHART NUMBER If you know which Uranometria chart you are interested in, use the list of chart numbers to look it up.
In case you need to take a look at the Uranometria index map to volume 2, follow the "Index Maps" link.


List of Chart Numbers

Index Maps

BY CO-ORDINATES If you know the approximate position of an object, use the RA and Dec index to find the corresponding Uranometria chart.


RA & Dec Index

BY CONSTELLATION If you know the constellation the object is in, find out which Uranometria charts show that constellation.


Constellation Index

BY MONTH OF VISIBILITY If you know when the object is visible, find out which Uranometria charts are visible at this time.


Month Index

OTHER LOOK-UP TABLES that may be of interest: Use the Uranometria - Constellation index to find out which constellations are shown on a given Uranometria chart. The Co-ordinate - Constellation index shows which constellations are near an approximate sky position.


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