Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Logic Bart Kosko
& Satoru Isaka
The binary logic of modern computers often falls short when describing the vagueness of the real world. Fuzzy logic offers more graceful alternatives.
Certainty from Uncertainty Quantum Computing Charles H Bennett Quantum mechanics is best known for its uncertainty principle, but now physicists and computer scientists have found that quantum mechanics can also serve as a source of certainty.
Parallel Power Quantum Computing With their multiple personalities, quantum states could form the heart of a massively parallel computer.
A Subway called Turing AI Computers Ian Stewart
A new kind of Cipher Cryptography Martin Gardner Few persons can be made to believe that it is not quite an easy thing to invent a method of secret writing which shall baffle investigation. Yet it may be roundly asserted that human ingenuity cannot concoct a cipher which human ingenuity cannot resolve.
Circuits get Chaos in Sync Electronics Joseph Neff & Thomas L. Carroll Exploiting chaos in electronic circuits to encode and synchronize circuits.
Mastering Chaos Chaos Theory William L. Ditto & Louis M. Pecora It is now possible to control some systems that behave. Engineers can use chaos to stabilize lasers, chaotically electronic circuits and even the hearts of animals.
It's bad to talk Technology Jenny McCartney Children don't care:They simply love mobile phones with a passion .
But first...a word about MIDI MIDI Still confused by MIDI? [Includes "What is MIDI?" by Jon E.Eiche]
Sweet,sweet,music MIDI Roger Howorth Sound editing systems need the MIDI link to make music.
Synth Course Part 1 Synths David Marshall Part 1 of a Synthesiser Course from Roland.
Synth Course Part 2 Synths David Marshall Part 2 of a Synthesiser Course from Roland.
Synth Course Part 3 Synths David Marshall Part 3 of a Synthesiser Course from Roland.
Synth Course Part 4 Synths David Marshall Part 4 of a Synthesiser Course from Roland.
Synth Course Part 5 Synths David Marshall Part 5 of a Synthesiser Course from Roland.
Synth Course Part 6 Synths David Marshall Part 6 of a Synthesiser Course from Roland.
A History of Sampling Synths Paul Wiffen Roland article on Sampling.
Napster MP3 Joe Burns Joe's take on the Napster debate.
That Thing MP3 Transcript The BBC2 programme on Napster,and my take on the debate.
Dexterous robot Technology Will Knight A robot that can make delicate paper models using the ancient Japanese art of origami has been developed by a US student.





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