Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Logic Bart Kosko
& Satoru Isaka
The binary logic of modern computers often falls short when describing the vagueness of the real world. Fuzzy logic offers more graceful alternatives.
Keeping up with Computerese Terminology Anne Eisenberg The evolution of technical terms defeats definitions of nouns and verbs.
What's Logic got to do with it? Inspiration Marcus Chown Some of the greatest flashes of scientific inspiration were sparked by utterly illogical thinking.
Logical Limits Mathematical Philosophy John L.Casti The mathematical models now used in many scientific fields may be fundamentally unable to answer certain questions about the real world. Yet there may be ways around these problems.
A Partly True Story Fuzzy Logic Ian Stewart
A Subway called Turing AI Computers Ian Stewart
The Ultimate in Anty-Particles Cellular Automata Ian Stewart
The Mutilated Chess Board Logic Simon Singh
A Random Walk in Arithmetic Randomness Gregory Chaitin God not only plays dice in physics but also in pure mathematics. Mathematical truth is sometimes nothing more than a perfect coin toss.
A new kind of Cipher Cryptography Martin Gardner Few persons can be made to believe that it is not quite an easy thing to invent a method of secret writing which shall baffle investigation. Yet it may be roundly asserted that human ingenuity cannot concoct a cipher which human ingenuity cannot resolve.
Genetic Algorithms AI Computing John H. Holland Computer programs that "evolve" in ways that resemble natural selection can solve complex problems even their creators do not fully understand.
Survival of the fittest bits AI Computing Rick L. Riolo A practical guide to creating a genetic algorithm.
El-Fish AI Computing Elizabeth Corcoran How to raise a school of tempting software toys.
Emotional Decisions Rational Thought Jeremy Hardie The theorists say decision-making is a logical process,but new research shows emotion is just as important.
Slaughter on 7th Avenue AI Computing Donald Michie The world's number one is still licking his wounds after IBM's chess computer beat him last month.But is Kasparov right to feel so hurt by the defeat?
A plague on all your mouses Viruses William Langley A year ago today David Smith,a"a geek with a grudge",released a computer virus on to an internet porn site.
Letter to City Life Geeks and Nerds People are quick to characterise the "sad" computer nerd,but who are they really?
Hackers Unmasked Viruses John Windell As computers take on an increasingly critical role in society, the fear of computer crime has also become more palpable. But how justified is that fear?
Wanna Play? Psychology Jay Teitel Games can solve major crises,train war heroes,and civilize us all.What the world needs is not less time for playing games but more.
Born Liars Psychology Jerome Burne We disapprove of lying, but the uncomfortable truth is that human beings have evolved by deceiving each other.
How rational are we? Psychology David Hardman and Clare Harries Do we need lessons in rational decision making?
The Eureka Phenomenon Reason Isaac Asimov Asimov explains the role of the 'revelation' in how a new idea is born or a problem is solved without referring to mysticism.
Beyond Words Language Bob Holmes Bogged down by complex arguments?Mapping the ideas could let you take in everything at a glance; and even see the edge of knowledge.





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