Quantum Philosophy Quantum Physics John Horgan New experiments - real and imagined - are probing ever more deeply into the surreal quantum realm.
Think Maths Mathematical Philosophy Ian Stewart Is mathematics the grand design for the Universe, or merely a figment of the human imagination?
Crashing the Barriers Mathematical Philosophy Ian Stewart Does it really matter if there are some things that science will never solve?
Why Astrology doesn't work Belief Lee Borrell The continued belief that planets rule our destiny is not supported by evidence, history, mathematics or anything else. Essays from Jacob Bronowski,Richard Dawkins and others are brought to bear,to show that Astrology doesn't work.
Gravity doesn't exist Belief Edward Swinden Self confessed ignoramus claims Newton is mad.
The Gambling Instinct Psychology Transcript Innumeracy breeds belief in superstition and the capability of being taken advantage of by thinking one can win lotteries.What makes people convinced that they have a power to alter chance? And how is it connected with risk taking?
Runaway World Risk Analysis Transcript The 1992 Reith Lecture Part2 by Anthony Giddens on Risk.
Distrust of Science Sociology John Maddox What events have contributed to the public perception that science is not to be trusted?
Does science matter? Sociology Lesley Judd Transcript of the BBC 2 programme which investigates public misunderstanding of science.
Open Letter Reason Richard Dawkins Open Letter from Richard Dawkins to his daughter on good and bad reasons to believe.
June's a real gem Alternative Therapy Susan Press June Lamb practices Crystal Healing in Salford.
The Army of the Night Reason Isaac Asimov In "The Roving Mind" Asimov argues for evolution and against creationism.
The Blind that would Lead Reason Isaac Asimov In "The Roving Mind" Asimov argues against the Moral Majority.
Little Green Men or Not? Reason Isaac Asimov Asimov puts forward Pro and Con arguments for ET.
Don't You Believe? Reason Isaac Asimov Asimov weighs up the chances of the existence of telepathy.
Open Mind? Reason Isaac Asimov Asimov argues that scientists should be less tolerant and more vocal in their objection to pseudoscience.
UFO Watchers UFOlogy Jerome Burne Sightings of aliens have been linked to electrical fields caused by quakes.
Everyman-God is a brain disorder Opinion Polly Toynbee Experiments with temporal lobes suggest there is proof that God does not exist.
Everyman-Astrology Opinion Polly Toynbee Astrology is a clever trick.
The Two Cultures Opinion Polly Toynbee The chasm between art and science.
Crystal Dawn Belief MENSA Letters in MENSA magazine refuting claims of crystal healing.
Underclass Intelligence Jeremy Clarke Charles Murray's "The Bell Curve".
Talking Animals Intelligence Paul Sieveking Belief that animals can talk and communicate significant messages,or just making sounds that seem like speech. The Fortean Times delivers more BS and presents it as a paradox.
Swearing Jesus Censorship Jonathan Petre and Gareth Sturdy Religious play provokes fury.
RSPCA Animals Rights Jo Knowsley Activists drove senior worker into working for the Countryside Alliance.
Transsexual Weddings are condemned Religion Jonathan Petre and David Bamber Evangelicals try to stop transsexuals from having the same rights as everyone else.
The 3rd Secret Religion Bruce Johnston and Ian Cobain The Pope reveals the 3rd secret of Fatima,which supposedly predicted an assassination attempt on his life.
Darwin on Trial Evolution Stephen J. Gould Review of "Darwin on Trial" by Phillip F. Johnson.
In the beginning... Science & Religion John Windell Do huge advances in human knowledge of the universe spell the end for the idea of an all-powerful creator,or has the hand of God simply become more evident?
Meet my cousin the chimpanzee Evolution Richard Dawkins Most people take it for granted that humans are more important than apes.But this assumption has more to do with double standards than biology.
Cousins Anthropology William Greaves Zoologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek has been around the world to find that primates are her best mates.
The Human Story Evolution Ann and Patrick Fullick Six million years ago,a few bands of apes in the shrinking African forest were running out of luck...then some of them began to walk upright,and their descendants took over the world.
Second Opinions Medicine Mark Porter How today's medical knowledge can help to explain historical conditions that were tragically misdiagnosed.
Natural Mystery Parapsychology Channel 5 Links from the CH5 factsheet.
Horizon-Blind Faith in Science Science and Culture Polly Toynbee Public perception of science.
Equinox-Risk Perception and Biology Polly Toynbee The effect of an enzyme called MAO (mono amine oxidase).
Complementary Medicine Belief and Health Mark Porter Are people attracted by the mystique that surrounds such therapies,by a bit of mumbo jumbo quasi-science?
Interview-Shirley MacLaine Belief Andrew Duncan The oscar-winning actress, still frisky at 66, is on a natural high, fuelled by her belief in herself and an appetite for life (and past lives).
Moral Education Morality Theodore Dalrymple The Government's ideas on moral education are worse than misguided.
The Review - Paganism Belief Transcript An interview with the Pagan Federation's Nigel Bourne.
Men in Crisis Opinion Polly Toynbee Men are suffering from the effects of equality.What a shame for them!
Quest for the lost Civilisation Opinion Polly Toynbee Polly is not happy about self confessed non-expert Graham Hancock and neither am I!
A Very British Murder Opinion Polly Toynbee Polly comments on the Tony Martin Case. I annexe the Sarah Payne case.
Cutting Edge :Xmas Opinion Polly Toynbee Polly gives an Xmas message.
Religion is dead Religion Various Religion is dead - so says Britain's self - proclaimed independent minister. Church goers fight in favour of discrimination. Trinity of churches pray for a new start.
Millennium Candles Religion Nick Hodgson Local fiasco created as Christians try to appropriate £20,000 of taxpayers money.Which no one has seen since.
Fuel Crisis Opinion Letters on the fuel crisis.
10 Plagues Belief The biblical story of the ten plagues visited upon Egypt is investigated in this week's Equinox, and the findings reveal that each one could have a rational explanation.
A pure view of Popper Science philosophy Roger Bridgman A review of A. K. Dewdney's Yes, We Have No Neutrons.
Natural Born Believers? Parapsychology Sue Blackmore A review of Soul Searching by Nicholas Humphrey.
Is the truth is out there? Parapsychology Mark Anstead Does the 'other side' really exist, or is it a product of the human imagination?
Monkeying with mystery Crytpozoology Sean Wood Investigation of mysterious creatures.
Storming the Ivory Tower Science Education Lee Smolin A look at the academic establishment structure.
Numerology Pseudoscience Awake! A look at the academic establishment structure.
Chance is a Fine Thing Evolution John Cornwell A review of Climbing Mount Improbable.
The sum of human knowledge Numerology Hildi Hawkins The ancient art of interpreting numbers answers to a deep-seated human need to find meaning in even the most commonplace things and events.
The thought that counts Numerology Hildi Hawkins Ancient philosophers were enthralled by the mathematical relationships they found in nature, and believed that numbers underlay every aspect of reality.Certain numbers then acquired their own symbolic 'personality'.





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