Birth of a Brainwave Consciousness Jerome Burne You don't believe in ESP? Then maybe your mind's taken a quantum leap.
Chaos Frees the Universe Physics Paul Davies Chaos seems to provide a bridge between the deterministic laws of physics and the laws of chance, implying that the Universe is genuinely creative and that the notion of free will is real.
Cytoskeletons and Microtubules Consciousness Roger Penrose The mathematics of small scale structures of the brain.
Are Electrons Conscious? Consciousness Danah Zohar In "The Quantum Self" Danah Zohar explains the implications of Quantum Physics upon those things we think do not fall into the category "conscious".
Physics on the brain Quantum Consciousness Susan Blackmore A report on a strange interdisciplinary discussion.
Make your mind up The Brain Mark Porter How do you get your head round the human brain?A new BBC2 series seeks to analyse what might be called the planet's most amazing piece of engineering.
Zombies Dolphins and Blindsight Consciousness Alun Anderson, Bob Holmes and Liz Else Is consciousness the hardest of hard problems? Is it all down to bits of wiring in the brain or quantum mechanics? And do animals know more than we think?
Interview-Sue Greenfield The Brain Andrew Duncan The first female director of the Royal Institution and presenter of BBC2's Brain Story is a woman with a mission - to explain the brain in a way that makes sense to everybody.
Testbeds Artificial Intelligence Alun Lewis "Testbeds" - Transcript.
Behind the Brain Artificial Intelligence Geoff Watts "Behind the Brain" - Transcript.
No place left for the soul to hide? The Brain Jez Nelson "Questions and Answers" - Transcript.
What is this octopus thinking? Animal Consciousness Garry Hamilton Are squid and octopuses really intelligent or have researchers been seduced by their alien charms?
Who are you calling a sucker? Animal Consciousness Gareth Huw Davies Not many of us would credit an octopus or a squid with intelligence but,they can "talk" have a sense of humour - and may even grow to become truly terrifying monsters.
Schools for Scandal Animal Consciousness Gareth Huw Davies Forget Flipper,Dolphins in the wild can be dangerous bullies.
Interview-Oliver Sacks The Brain Andrew Duncan Migraine at the age of two and the beatings at boarding school helped fashion the life of neurologist and bestselling author Oliver Sacks.
ENM 9 Consciousness Roger Penrose Blindsight.
ENM 10 Consciousness Roger Penrose Physics of the Mind/Animal Consciousness/Quasi Crystals.
Shadow 1 Consciousness Roger Penrose Consciousness and computation.
Can Minds do more than Brains? Consciousness Hao Wang Gödel and Psychophysical Parallelism.
Letting us in on the act Consciousness Keith Devlin A review of The Large,the Small and the Human Mind.
Brain Gain Intelligence Phyllida Brown Kids... they spend all their time playing video games and texting each other. Where's it ever going to get them?
Freud Psychology Gyles Brandreth Everything you wanted to know about Freud but were afraid to ask.
Ordinary Miracles Complexity theory Michael Brooks How do the complexities of the living world arise from dumb matter? A speck of angelic assistance may be all that's needed.
Tune In,Turn Off Autism Rita Carter You too could have seemingly superhuman mental skills. All you have to do is switch off part of your brain. Sounds bizarre?
What the blind see Blindness Oliver Sacks Do we control our brains or do our brains control us? The author and neurologist, describes how the experiences of blind people provide a fascinating insight into the nature of consciousness.
Don't call me clever Animal Intelligence Simon M. Reader If you think it's smart to be brainy there are two things you should know: a limited intellect is usually beneficial; and creativity is often the last resort for losers.
Behind the mask Decision Making Laura Spinney If you think mind reading is outside the realms of science, think again.
Remaking the brain Neurology Georgina Ferry Transplants of hearts,livers,kidneys and other organs have meant a new lease of life for thousands of people.But brain transplants still belong to the realms of sceince fiction.Or do they?





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