How Things Are
Edited by
John Brockman and Katinka Matson

Part One : Thinking About Science

Nothing But or Anything But? Marian Stamp Dawkins
On the Naturalness of Things Mary Catherine Bateson
Good and Bad Reasons for Believing Richard Dawkins

Part Two : Origins

What Happened Before the Big Bang? Paul Davies
The Joy of Water
Where Do We Come From? Robert Shapiro
Who Do We Blame for What We Are? Jack Cohen
Triumph of the Embryo Lewis Wolpert
From Kefir to Death Lynn Margulis

Part Three : Evolution

Three Facets of Evolution Stephen Jay Gould
Our Gang Milford H.Wolpoff
What About Incest? Patrick Bateson
Why Are Some People Black? Steve Jones
Chance and the History of Life Peter Ward
Nobody Loves a Mutant Anne Fausto-Sterling

Part Four : Mind

How to Make Mistakes Daniel C. Dennet
Can Minds Do More Than Brains? Hao Wang
How to Think What No One Has Ever Thought Before William C Calvin
The Puzzle of Averages Michael S. Gazzaniga
Ceteris Paribus (All Else Being Equal) Pascal Boyer
On Taking Another Look Nicholas Humphrey
What to Know,How to Learn It Roger C. Shank
How Do We Communicate? Dan Sperber
Minds,Brains and Rosetta Stones Steven Rose
Study Talmud David Gelernter
Identity in the Internet Sherry Turkle

Part Five : Cosmos

What is Time? Lee Smolin
Learning What Is,from What Doesn't Alan H. Guth
Symmetry: The Thread of Reality Ian Stewart
Special Relativity : Why Can't You Go Faster Than Light? W. Daniel Hillis

Part Six : The Future

How Long Will the Human Species Last? Freeman Dyson
The Uniqueness of the Present Human Population Joel E. Cohen
Who Inherits the Earth? Niles Eldredge
Can Science Answer Every Question? Martin Rees

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How Things Are: A Science Toolkit for the Mind
Edited by John Brockman and Katinka Matson





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