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Here are the our "Top Ten Selling" Wholesale Directories
American Drop-Shippers Directory  
1000's of products from 100's of sources who will stock and drop-ship for you. Great guide for wholesale buying in single units, no investment necessary, no product inventory required. Perfect for the small mail order dealer or internet business start-up.

 Item# 629   Retail   $15.00  (FREE S&H)
Closeout Sources Directory
Now you can buy & sell all types of merchandise for huge profits. Nationwide listings of all types of suppliers of merchandise at bargain prices to even the smallest dealer. Plus, closeout merchandise, overstock items, irregulars and seconds, buy for as low as 10 cents on the dollar!
Item# 4054       Retail $15.00  (FREE S&H)  
Hong Kong Trade Directory
You can now get the lowest wholesale prices direct from Asia's small shops and factories in Hong Kong. Excellent product quality. Samples are available for free or at unbelievable low discounted prices.

 Item# 261      Retail  $15.00  (FREE S&H)
Mexico Trade Directory
Discover the terrific wholesale sources in the all new Mexico Trade Directory. There are hundreds of different wholesalers, and factories listed. Each handling dozens to hundreds of different products. Mexico has thousands of factories looking to do business with the United States and Canada. Don't miss this great opportunity.

 Item# 4062        Retail $15.00    (FREE S&H)
Orient Trade Directory
China, Korea, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Get Over 4000 different super low priced wholesale products direct from factories in the Orient! Even first quality high tech items at ridigously low prices! You can purchase toys from Korea, handicrafts from Thailand, water filters from Singapore, the product choices seem endless!

Item# 4055      Retail $15.00    (FREE S&H)

Philippine Trade Directory
You can now buy directly from small Philippine Island shops and manufacturers. Superb hand-made crafts at prices too low to mention here. English is spoken by nearly every shop, so communication is easy. Filipinos businesses aggressively seek export opportunities with the U.S. and abroad. This directory is beautifully illustrated with complete contact information:addresses, phone numbers,and telex numbers. You'll find hundreds of unique product listings, such as: handbags, costume jewelry, shells, clothing, Island crafts, tools, cane products, and more!

Item# 1791       Retail  $15.00     (FREE S&H)
Taiwan Trade Directory
Taiwan has the lowest labor costs in all of Asia. This enables you to get the best below wholesale factory direct prices on 1000's of items. Cargo ships and planes leave Taiwan filled with bargain priced merchandise everyday! Fast delivery is assured, and product samples are available for free or at very low cost.

Item# 1728     Retail  $15.00      (FREE S&H)      
USA Wholesale Sources Directory
This Huge 64 page directory lists hundreds of U.S. wholesalers offering thousands of items at wholesale or below wholesale prices. Now you can buy direct from stateside importers, wholesalers, and manufactures. Purchase in small lots or large and receive the lowest prices imaginable!                             
Item# 1408    Retail   $15.00   (FREE S&H)
Wholesale Book Sources & Moneymaking Bookselling Ideas
Complete names and addresses of 500 places to purchase new and used books, hardcover, softcover, fiction, non-fiction, etc. These odd lot dealers, publishers, and wholesalers will even give their best prices to small buyers. You be able to start a book store or add new titles to your mail order book dealership business. Very valuable resource!

Item# 420        Retail    $15.00     (FREE S&H)    
Worldwide Buyers Guide to Unusual & Innovative Products
This is an importer's directory that covers not just 1 or 2 countries, but the entire world! Purchase direct from overseas manufacturers just like Toy R Us, Sears, JC Penny's, Macy's etc. You'll be able to obtain hundreds of the most innovative and unique products available across the globe! Many suppliers have color catalogs just for the asking. Why not, start your own import business today!

Item# 1786      Retail $15.00   (FREE S&H)
Here are some more of our "Hot Sellers" & "Proven" Money-Making & Money-Saving Publications

How to Get Rich In Mail Order
This jam-packed 350 page book contains everything you need to start and successfully run a mail order business. Over 500,000 copies sold!  Many of it's readers became mail order millionaires!! Here is some of the topics covered:How to develop your mail order expertise. How to find  unique products or services to sell. How to make money with classified & display ads . The unlimited potential for making money with direct mail. How to start and operate a a very successful specal interest book business. Five super successful direct mail pieces that sold and continue to sell millions of book. Melvin Power's Mail Order Success Strategy—follow it and you could become a millionaire too! How to sell your products to mail order catalog houses, retail stores, dealers, and fundraisers for maximum profit. How to get free display ads & publicity. How to sell products n TV and much much more!  Melvin Powers made tens of millions of dollars you can too!
Item# 437      Retail    $20.00   (FREE S&H)
Making Money With Classified Ads
Here is another top seller written by Mail Order Millionaire Melvin Powers. You get 240 pages of time-tested useful information. Melvin Powers has been writting, publishing and selling millions of books for over 40 years, his firsthand knowledge on classified ads is undisputable. Here are some topics he covers in this wonderful book: how to find great selling products, how to write classifieds that pull in the orders, what Melvin learned from running thousands of classifieds, classified for MLM, his proven 2-step classifieds that made him a multi-millionaire, make millions with display ads, and Melvin Power's strategy for mail order success.
Item# 4400  Retail   $20.00      (FREE S&H)        
Think and Grow Rich
This book is an international best-seller. Read by virtually every successful person and millionaire in this country! Melvin Powers claims this book helped fuel his rapid business and financial success. Think and Grow Rich has changed the lives of countless individuals that have followed it's principles.
Of all of the best-selling motivational books that I have read, Think and Grow Rich has a special place in my heart-and is responsible for my own success in life.

Item# 2105   Retail     $10.00    (FREE S&H)  
Making Money for Yourself
This big 310 page book is the number 1 source of how to start your own business information. You're learn how to discover the right money-making business opportunity for you and get started from scratch, or buy an existing business at the lowest possible priceand/or the very best terms. Here is a partial list of the books contents: How to choose a business that is right for your lifestyle.
How to spot profitable business opportunities. How to avoid costly mistakes. Bu-low, sell-high opportunities. How to get free help from Uncle Sam. Businesses you can run while keeping your regular job. Info on over 500 of the best, low-priced franchise business opportunities, plus more!
Item# 4011          Retail    $14.97   (FREE S&H)            
Stay Home and Make Money
Is The leadng source guide for today's best home-business opportunities, Full or spare-time, you start making big profits in the safety and comfort of your own home. Presents you with scores of new, proven, profitable ways to become the happy owner of your own money-making home-based
business. Stay Home and Make Money is really 4 books in one. Here are some of the topics covered: How to start off right and avoid the pitfalls. Over 100 home business opportunities that are "hot" right now. Special services that people will want and pay you handsomely for. Special, big profit opportunities in advertising, writing, direct marketing and mail order.
Item# 4012       Retail    $14.97  (FREE S&H)  
How You Can Make A Fortune Selling Information By Mail
Full-time or part-time, the money-making potential of mail order information marketing is tremendous. In this remarketable new book, you will learn: How to find "saleable" information products. The secrets of getting rich with "paper & ink". How to launch your business with little or no investment. Why "specialized" information is the key to riches. Space advertising-how to use it to become rich. Successful classified advertising techniques. How to make money with direct mail. Special marketing creative marketing techniques.How to obtain free advertising & publicity, & more.
Item# 4014        Retail   $14.97   (FREE S&H)         
Real Estate Wealth Building Opportunities
New economic trends allow us to confidently predict a great new profit boom for real estate. Will you be ready to take full advantage of these new unique exciting opportunities? You can be  when you quickly learn to use the powerful profit building tools in this new manual! Now at your fingertips, expert, yet easily workable new methods for building a vast real estate empire beginning with little or no investment. Real Estate has created more millionaires than all other welath-building systems
combined. This big 310 page manual gives you dynamic shortcut strategy that can lead you to fabulous riches. Here is everything you need to succeed in real estate investing, all written in plain English. Also, included is an unique master plan on how to pyramid a measly one thousand dollar investment into $1,000,000 dollars!
Item# 4015       Retail    $14.97   (FREE S&H)            
Selling to Catalog Houses
Do you have a book or product that would sell by the thousands from coast to coast across the United States? A sure-fire profit-maker that you know will sell? There are over 200 major mail order
houses sending their catalogs to tens of millions of buyers all over the country. They list and sell
thousands of products. Why not have them do the selling for you? This informative book teaches you how to get your products listed quickly! How to price your products for maximim profit. Proper order fulfillment, invoice use and credit terms, the best shipping methods, fantastic publicity sources, how to use news releases, and a whole lot more! Don't have a product to sell, no problem, this book will teach you how to come up with a new hot-selling item that will put you on the road to a new career as the owner of a profitable wholesale business.
Item# 1704     Retail      $12.00    (FREE S&H)  
Start Your Own Profitable Mail Order Book Business
Books are the best products for mail order profits. No inventory is necessary and drop-shipping sources are available. This Lee Howard book will lists over 700 publishers and wholesale book sources. All major mass market paperback publishers listed, many major softcover & hardcover publishers listed. Plus, a special listing of unadvertised, hidden book sources. Never pay retail for a book again! You can get 98% of all books at wholesale prices or lower. Discover how! You're learn over 100 tips on how to make money with books.
Item# 420       Retail   $15.00      (FREE S&H)       
900 # Know How
How'd you like to sail in Hawaii or cruise the Caribbean or travel to Europe, playing and having fun and all the while earning money hand over fist! You can do just that after you launch your own 900 number business and sell prerecorded information over the telephone to a national market - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! This business exploded from zero to $975,000,000 in merely four years! And it has only just begun! This 174 page book is crammed with honest, straight-forward, nuts-and-bolts information. You're learn about 900 # service bureaus, advertising schedules and strategies, what programs work & what don't, financial projections, start-up costs, target markets, media choices, low-cost and no-cost advertising, delivery options, polling, fundraising, contests, dating-lines, sweepstakes, and much much more!
Item# 4061     Retail   $19.95    (FREE S&H)  
Top Profits With Multi-Level Marketing
Insider's secrets to making your fortune with multi-level marketing. Finally a manual that tells you everything you need you need to know about MLM. Success facts, money-making sources, multi-level profits, guides to the best companies, tax & legal information, learn step by step how to succeed in MLM!
Item# 4401        Retail  $15.00      (FREE S&H)          
The Official Guide to Government Auctions and Real Estate
Many people have made their fortunes, bought the house or car of their dreams, or found a wealth of items perfectly suited for use in their homes or businesses by simply applying the lessons learned in this exciting home-study guide. Learn how and why the government is literally "giving away" millions of dollars worth of new and used merchandise for only pennies on the dollar. You can cash in on these incredible bargains offered each and every month at locations throughout the country.
Luxury cars, computers, motorcycles, TV's, VCR's, cameras, jewelry, prime real estate, homes, yachts, etc. all auctioned off at incredible prices!  
Item# 4052       Retail     $14.95     (FREE S&H)       
The North American Guide to UnClaimed Riches
Would you like to claime your share of the $19,000,000,000 in "lost money" that the government holds for you? We're talking billions of dollars not just millions! Best of al this money is just sitting
there in every state in America and all of the Canadian Provinces, just begging to be claimed! This 183 page book will show you step-by-step, how to find out if money is owed to you, plus how to received HUGE "finders fees" for helping other people recover money owed to them! Approxiamtely one of every ten persons have forgotten or lost money in bank accounts, insurance premiums, stocks, bonds, etc.! Anyone can make a fortune by quickly learning then secrets of discovering unclamed riches!
Item# 4411      Retail   $10.00      (FREE S&H)      
Get Rich Quick Schemes Exposed
This amazingly informative book exposes many phony get rich quick schemes. Learning about these programs & scams will help to protect yourself and your loved ones from "being ripped off" by tricky con artists!  Here are some scams exposed: Ponzi's and Pyramids, sweepstakes scams, credit stings, real estate dupes, investment ripoffs, travel gyps, marketing cons, telephone flim flams, home improvement hustles, price gouging, bait & switch, stock market scams, cold-calling techniques, etc. Don't get duped out of your hard-earned money!
Item# 4406   Retail    $15.00       (FREE S&H)        
The Magic of Credit
This HUGE 381 page manual will teach you: how to erase your debts forever, stop collection agencies dead in their tracks, reduce your home mortgage by $10,000 or more, quickly increase your credit card limits, get government money to buy a home or business, delete negative points from your credit reports, and much much more!  Thousands of these books originally sold of TV for $99.95, now you can get your copy for a fraction of that cost!!

Item# 4047  Retail  $19.99      (FREE S&H)  
How to Make Money Writing & Selling Simple Information
Millions of books are sold each year by mail. People are devouring self-help and how-to books at an incredible rate. You can capitalize on this vast and profitable market. You can start making big profits writing and publishing your own materials. You'll discover time-tested principles that will work with any kind of mauscript, book, folio, manual, short booklet, report, even recipes, & wood-working project plans. This book shows that virtually anyone can make a fortune writing and selling simple information via mail order & the internet!
Item# 317  Retail $15.00       (FREE S&H)      
999 Successful Little Known Businesses
This big 256 page book is your blueprint for success. Perfectly designed to help you start a profitable bsuiness of your own.Turn your unique talents or ideas into a personal wealth creator!
You can start and operate any of these home-based business ventures with little or no investment.
Each one of these fantastic, money-making ideas is yours for only 1 cent each!  
Item# 624   Retail    $9.99      (FREE S&H)  
Insider's Secrets to Free Travel
Worldwide travel can be yours for absolutely FREE! Discover how to take all the cruises you want at no cost to you! Plus-free air travel, free vacations opportunities...even opportunity to earn money while travelling for free! Here is what you'll learn:  How to travel on luxury cruises, how to get airlines to pick up the tab, how to get free hotel rooms in Las Vegas & Atlantic City, See Ireland for free, how to start a travel club, learn how to be a travel companion to wealthy tourists, learn how to do a little importing as you travel (for added profits), visit London, France, Japan, and much much more!
Item# 4059      Retail    $15.00     (FREE S&H)          
How to Achieve Quality of Life & Care In a Nusing Home
This big 246 book explains everything you need to know before you decide to enter yourself or a loved one into a nursing home. This book is chock full of useful information and insight to all aspects of nursing home selection, management, care and evaluation. Some topics covered: the crucial decision, overview of long-term care, nursing home types, factors in choosing the right nursing home, quality of life standards, quality of care standards, chemical restraints & uses, physical restraints & alternatives, problem identification & resolution, various legislation and regulations that govern this industry, responsibilities and obligations of the nursing home, and about the varieties of facilities which meet the specialized needs of residents and the specialized personnel who staff the facilities.
Item# 4413  Retail    $14.95       (FREE S&H)   
Small-Time Operator
How to start your own small business, keep the books, pay your taxes, and stay out of trouble!
You're learn all about permits & licenses, where & how to obtain financing, how to select the right business location, how to create & protect your business name, all about creating & using a business plan, how to buy an exisiting business or franchise, all about federal, state & local taxes, how to deal with the IRS, all about insurance, contracts, pricing, trademarks, bookkeeping, hiring employees, and much much more! This book has been recommened by the SBA, Nat'l Society of Accountants, American Home Business Assoc, National Business Assoc, etc., it is also endorsed by the American Library Assn. and is used as a text in numerous colleges!
Item# 4414 Retail    $16.95      (FREE S&H)         
Selling Arts & Crafts
This large 224 page book is a complete guide of how to sell arts & crafts for fun and profit! You will learn how make big profits selling high-demand art and craft items. Sell at craft shows, trade shows, flea-markets, malls, via mail order or internet! You can also sell to stores, interior designers, corporations, etc. You're learn what crafts customers want, pricing tips for maximum sales & maximum profits, how to use promotional materials to increase sales, you'll have access to 250 art & craft resources,  every topic is indexed for simple easy instant access.
Item# 4403    Retail    $14.95      (FREE S&H)    
Design and Publish Your Own Mail Order Catalog
Pre-designing makes it easy! Just pennies per copy! No Merchandise to stock!  No costly advertising agencies to deal with, no expensive typesetting, engraving, or halftones to work with!
This book helps you develop your own profitable and original catalog that is as beautiful and professional-looking as any sent out by the major mail order firms - but at a mere fraction of the cost! Here are some topics covered: how to find successful new products, locating sources of supply, correct method of drop-shipping, discount printing costs, popular & effective catalog layout, photo, copy & headline preparations, special effects to inhance all your sales materials, instant catalog designs-including four different complete catalog layouts for you to copy, and much more!
Item# 1203       Retail    $19.95      (FREE S&H)   
Closeout Merchandise Money-Making Manual
Buy, sell and trade your way to enormous profits with closeout merchandise that you can get for just a fews cents on the dollar. Step-by-step instructions for an exciting business of your own.
Item# 1668      Retail    $8.00        
Directory of Wholesale Printing & Office Supplies
Save tons of money having flyers, circulars, letterheads, business cards, etc. printed!  Why pay retail when you can pay wholesale on all of your printing needs. Top sources, fast reliable service. Save up to 50% or more!
Item# 050      Retail  $10.00   (FREE S&H)  
Al Stern's Mail Order Dealer Questions & Answers
Best selling author and mail order expert shares his knowledge on mail order. This book is filled with many questions and answers to help you in your pursuit of a successful mail order enterprise. Al Stern has helped thousands of people succeed in the mail order businesss.

Item# 617       Retail       $12.00     (FREE S&H)        
Free Advertising For Mail Order Dealers
This book is filled with fantastic advertising examples. You will learn more than 239 ways to get free advertising and free publicity for your product or business.  

Item# 360      Retail    $15.00      (FREE S&H)       
Mail Order Dealers Advertising Rate Manual
This is a best-selling manual for both classified and display advertising. Nearly 100 pages of magazine rate cards. This newest edition gives you the latest information on thousands of publications. You now can select the best advertising buys, and reach the market you're after.

Item# 906       Retail    $15.00     (FREE S&H)     
How to Make Your Fortune With Books
Learn how to begin your own profitable home-based mail order book business, and attain the success you always dreamed of. Plain, simple, down-to-earth information and professional guidance from two authors that made it big in the mail order book business. Everything you need to know to start and succeed in book selling by mail or internet.
Item# 366     Retail     $15.00    (FREE S&H)  
Home-Based Business-Over 250 Ways to Earn a Fortune Operating a Business From  Home
Tired of working 9 to 5? Whether you need an opportunity to earn extra income or a way out of the rat-race, you'll find this manual exactly what you need to help you get started.
Item# 4043       Retail  $15.00     (FREE S&H)  
Home Employment and Income Opportunity Directory
An estmated 20 million people now work from home doing simple jobs that earn them good money. This publication will instantly provide you with over 150 businesses that are recognized nationwide for their work at home jobs and programs. Get yours today!
Item# 4012       Retail   $14.95     (FREE S&H)     
How to Turn Your Newspapers Into Cash
Magazines and others want to pay you for your clipped newspaper articles. Learn how to cash in on this vast, virtually un-tapped market. Most clipping agencies are small, home-based businesses. Make big profits, clipping articles, photos, essays, stories, reports, and other news items about companies or individuals and get paid!
Item# 1604      Retail      $12.00        (FREE S&H)   
How To Use, Compile, Maintain & Sell Mailing Lists
Become a National Book Sales Company Mailing List Broker, or you can even start your own maling list business from scratch, this book tells you how! Learn about list owners, list brokers, list managers, list compilers, etc. Understand the differences among these agencies and how to use them to your advantage. Virtual every business in the country uses mailing lists to help market their products or services. You can also use these same techniques to compile, maintain and sell opt-in email lists!
Item# 1415         Retail    $15.00   (FREE S&H)  
How to Write Winning Sales Letters
Learn the secrets to sales letter copywriting. Learn to change everyday words into power-packed, profit-producing ads that compel the readers to purchase. Folio consisting of proven sales letters is included for your personal use, now you can turn those dull ads into an order pulling dynamo!

Item# 1745 Retail   $14.95       (FREE S&H)        
The Success How-To's Of Money-Making Direct Mail
A must for any direct mail marketer. The author is a mail order expert who shares his proven tips for total success in the direct mail business.

Item# 1744      Retail   $12.00       (FREE S&H)        
How to Write And Design Money-Making Response Advertisements
You will learn unique response-building techniques. With little effort you'll begin writing and designing ads that will outpull and outsell the any ads your currently using. This book teaches you how to create ads that capture attention, spark interest, build desire, and generate action in the form of an order! You'll discover the secrets of creating a winning headline, potent copy, powerful offers, eye-appealing graphics, and action-commanding order coupons. These methods work just as well when used on an internet website.

Item# 1741     Retail    $12.00      (FREE S&H)  
How to Make The Successful Transition From Small-Time To Big-Time Mail Order You'll master the step-by-step specialized knowledge needed to tranform your emerging start-up mail order - internet business into a thriving success story. Contains all of the successful transition concepts, strategies, and techniques clearly explained so you can begin to transform your business into the very profitable enterprise you've always dreamed of!

Item# 1742     Retail    $12.00       (FREE S&H)        
Warning: A Salaried Job Maybe Hazardous To Your Wealth!
You can start & succeed in your own profitable business with little or no risk. You'll learn the reasons for starting a business, who is making a fortune today, how to go from start-up to a million dollars quickly, how to work smart and earn more, how to begin with few risks! Don't hold back - take control of your destiny! Discover the secret of becoming an ex-salaried employee, work part-time and make a fantastic full-time salary!
Item# 4030       Retail     $15.00       (FREE S&H)  
Insider's Professional Mail Order Clip Art Handbook
You can save a tremendous amount of time and money by using this fantastic book to prepare your own circulars, flyers, sales letters, brochures, booklets, catalogs, etc. This book contains hundreds of line drawings, clip-art, coupons, cartoons, envelope teasers, and more! Just clip and paste, it's that easy. These professional produced images can also be "scanned" into your computer and then added to your website. You'll also learn about photo offset printing, how to create special effects, tint's & textures, screens & half-tones, reduction & enlargement. Be your own graphic artist/graphic designer and save tons of money. Maybe even earn a second income designing promtional materials for others!
Item# 1408     Retail    $15.00    (FREE S&H)  
How to Write a Good Advertisement: A short course in copywriting.
You don't need an advertising agency to entice readers to stop and take notice. This books helps you learn how to write ads that really pull in the orders. Ads that really can make your tons of money. 220 pages of understandable, applicable copywriting knowledge, a must-read for any mail order - internet entrepreneur.

Item# 1712    Retail    $20.00     (FREE S&H)      
Successful Achievement
You can actually discover the secrets used by successful and powerful men throughout the ages. Now the ideas and guidelines that steered the most famous, revered and wealthy men of all time are revealed! In one easy-to-read source you have access to the combined wisdom of the ages. From Aesop to Confuscius. King Solomon to Ben Franklin. Aristole to Einstein. Galileo, Pulitzer, Newton, and numerous other sages from the agesall contribute to the lessons and inspiration presented in these dynamic five volumes! Speakers all over the world us the ageless and priceless pearls of wisdom contained within these pages during lectures and speeches.
Item# 4025     Retail    $29.95       (FREE S&H)       
Mugged by Mr. Badwrench?
Don't get fleeced by crooked auto dealerships, service deptartments, or repair shops!  This huge 224 page book exposes automotive repair scams, ripoffs, and "tricks of the trade", how to get repaired performed properly (in or out of warranty), how to negotiate free repairs from auto manufacturers without the benfit of an in-force warranty, etc. This book has been nationally acclaimed and featured on all three major televeison networks as well as CNN, FNN, and numerous national radio networks and newspapers suchs as USA Today, The Washington Post, The Detroit Free Press, The Philadelphia Inquire, Boston Herald, & Tampa Tribune to name just a few!
Item# 4036     Retail  $9.95        (FREE S&H)     
The Beginner's Guide To Starting A Mail Order Business
Small booklet yet power-packed with information summarizing all the do's and don'ts when starting a mail order business. Easy to read, informative and concise.
Item# 407    Retail   $3.00              
The Simplified Annual Mail Order Bookkeeping System
The book will provide you with an accurate system of recording all of your business transactions. It provides you with up-to-date accurate journals and ledgers to record all of your transactions in a simplified and professional manner.
Item# 002    Retail    $5.00               
Complete Guide to Investing and Selling Coins By Mail
This book will show you how to invest in coins and how to operate your onw very profitable mail order coin business. Written by a numismatic who spent 20 years learning the proper methods of investing and selling coins by mail. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in building an investment portfolio of coins or is thinking of starting a coin business. Some topics covered: Investing in bullion, investing in B.U. rolls, Investing in bags of coins, coin grading, what coins make the best investments, modern gold coins, value chart of silver coins, storing and insuring coins, how to operate a "mail bid sale", how to get the best prices, scarce and rare coins, how to invest in Proof Sets, how-when-where to advertise, wholesale coin sources, and much more!.
Item# 003      Retail      $5.00            
The Four Easiest Mail Order Businesses
This book explains 4 very profitable and easy to run mail order businesses. You will learn step-by-step all of the phases of each business. How to start & build your business, complete instructions, where to advertise, and plenty of valuable information. The author has 25 years experience in mail order. He explains everything in an easy to understand format.
Item# 005    Retail     $5.00            
World's Best Home-Study Mail Order Guide
Learn how to start, operate and build your own profitable mail order business. This comprehensive book explains how you can start a mail order - internet business with very little capital and grow it into a respected financially sound company.
Item# 001     Retail    $5.00          
Million Dollar Sales Letters
A priceless collection of sales letters that have sold over one million dollars worth of  merchandise and services by mail. You can modify any one of them to fit your own sales program.
Item# 1538     Retail      $ 6.00             
How to Write Profitable Classified Ads
This booklet helps you write ads that pull in big orders. A good addition to any mail order - internet
library. Simple easy to read format, many examples of proven profit-producing classified ads.
Item# 1674      Retail    $3.00                 
Instant Clip-Art Book
Includes drawings, reverses, slogans, headlines, logos, borders, etc. Suitable for the beginner who doesn't need all of the illustrations in the various sizes found in the larger book #1408.
Item# 004      Retail  $5.00    
Spare-Time Profits For Women
This informative booklet give many actual examples of spare-time profit ideas especially geared toward women. Work at home and earn a substantial salary!
Item# 1539         Retail   $6.00
How to Publish Your Own Mail Order Paper
Just imagine your own mail order tabloid, newspaper or newsletter. Get your publication printed at the lowest possible cost. Publish top authors's articles absolutely free. Make money selling classified ad & display ad space in your publication. Become recognized as an expert in the industry. A terrific way to develop your mail order business.
Item# 4042         Retail   $12.00       (FREE S&H)        
How to Cash In Big With Refunds & Coupons
The how-to and tricks of the trade in easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions. Make big money with refund & coupons! Good Seller!
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How to Trace Your Family Roots
This informative book will teach you how to get started, how to keep records, where to write for all kinds of documents and records: birth, marriage, divorce, death, local, county, state, federal, deeds, wils, land records, passenger lists, old court records, census schedules, militiary records amd much more! As you start to put together the bits and pieces of the past to form a picture of your ancestors, you will find it to be interesting and rewarding experience. As you follow the story of your family as they emigrate to new lands, experience the hardships, loves, births and deaths life brings, it will be as rivetting as anything you've seen on TV or in the movies.
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Free Money Money Book
How to get your share of the Billion Dollar Giveaways! The Free Money is not a get-rich quick scheme. It is a precise, complete guide and directory to the vast sums of money available to U.S. Citizens who want to start their own business, or who need moeny for many other excellent reasons. Here are just a few of the free money prgrams now available: Free money from the government to start or expand almost any type of small business. free Money to start a money-making service or home business. Free Money from state and local agencies for many purposes. Government grants -- money for veterans, minorities, the poor, the disabled, for housing, transportation, etc. Free money for your child's education or special training. This 162 page book gives you complete instructions on how to get the money, plus names and addresesses of hundreds and hundreds of current free money sources.
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