New & Improved Kits

Presented here are new kits. First we have the kits allotted to those beings of specific regions of the Realms, followed by the traditional kits. Note: that characters can take both a regional kit and a traditional kit, as the initial regional kit just addes extra depth to characters from known areas of the Realms at large. These new kits are listed below:
Regional Kits:



  • Warriors of the High Forest
  • Warriors of the Underdark


  • Wizards of the Golden Enclave
  • Kits:
  • Bladesinger (Fighter/Mage)
  • Monk (Fighter)

    Bladesinger Variant kits:

  • The Blessed (Fighter/Priest)
  • The Songblade (Fighter/Mage/Bard)
  • The Huntsman (Fighter/Mage/Thief)
  • The Stalker, an evil form of the Ranger!
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